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    Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste)


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    Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste) Empty Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste)

    Post by Saana on Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:46 pm

    General Informations

    • Name: Aurielle the Swift Wind
    • Caste: Dawn
    • Concept: Wandering Polearm Master
    • Anima:
    • Supernal: Martial Arts


    • I shall find my place in this World!(Principle)

    • I hate being lied to. (Principle)

    • Runeglaive (attachement)
    • Denzik (feels at home)


    • Low Realm
    • Seatongue

    Strength 4Charisma 2Perception 2
    Dexterity 5Manipulation 2Intelligence 2
    Stamina 2Appearance 4Wits 5



    • Awarness: 4
    • Brawl: 1
    • Dodge: 2
    • Martial Arts (White Reaper): 5
    • Melee: 3
    • Resistance: 3

    • Athletics: 3
    • Integrity: 3
    • Occult: 1
    • Presence: 3
    • War 2

    • Linguistics: 1
    • Socialize: 2
    • Survival: 1

    • Martial Arts (White reaper): Against multiple opponents
    • Dodge: while weilding polearms
    • War: Giving orders
    • Integrity: Resisting Temptations


    • Artifact 4 (Runeglaive)
    • Martial Artist 4
    • Horns 1
    • Language 1 (Seatongue)

    Limit Trigger, Motes, Willpower and stuff:

    Willpower: 8

    Essence: 1
    Personal pool: 13
    Peripheral pool: 33
    Commited: 10

    Limit Trigger: When pointed out that she was misled or lied to. 

    Combat Stats:

    • Parry 5(6)
    • Dodge 4


    • Guile 2
    • Resolve 4 (5)

    Combat movement:

    • Rush 8
    • Disengage 7 (8)

    Join Battle 9

    Runeglaive11(12)1855(6)10(11)5Lethal, Melee, Piercing, Reaching; Two-Handed when on foot
    Natural: 2
    Armor: 3
    Total: 5

    Health levels:
    -0,-1,-1,-2,-2,-4, I

    NameSoakMob penHardnessTags


    • Graceful Crane Stance
    • Increasing Strength Exercise
    • Lightning Speed
    • Monkey Leap Technique
    • Thunderbolt Attack Prana


    • Sensory Acuity Prana


    • Stuborn Boar Defense

    Martial Arts (White reaper Style):

    • Falling Scythe Flash
    • Revolving Crescent Defense
    • White Reaper Form
    • Bleeding Crescent Strike
    • Greatest Killer Attitude
    • Enemies like Grass


    • Call the Blade
    • Summoning the Loyal Steel


    • Tiger's Dread Symmetry


    • Whirldwind armor Donning Prana
    • Armored Scout Invigoration

    BP, XP and Solar XP:
    BP expenditures: 6 BP on favored abilities, 3 BP on tertiary attributes, 6 BP on willpower

    Current: 6
    total: 30
    Expenditure: 3x Caste/favored charms

    Solar XP
    Current: 1
    total: 20
    Expenditure: Wits 5, Integrity 3

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    Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste) Empty Backstory

    Post by Saana on Thu Apr 06, 2017 11:12 am

    I don't remember much of my early life. Sometimes, when I sleep, I have dreams that feels familiar: Looking at the world trough some deformed glass, the face of a man or woman, heat and cold. Impressions. My earliest memory that I can remember is being part of an order of warriors, amids some mountains in the West. I have memories of that place. Some are good, like sharing meals with the other trainees, all the cleaning we had to make, the lessons we had together, and some are not so good: the harsh punishement for failing, the constant competition between students, the weakest amongst us rooted out methodically. Huh? If I had a good childhood? I would assume so. Do you have an exemple of a good childhood so I can see the difference. The Horns, ears and markings? I don't know, so it's no use to push the issue unless you are looking for a fight.

    So, yes, while our childhood was competitive, nothing was like our teens. That's when we received our first polearm. We learned about warfare, learned to live with armors and how to use our weapon to hold multiple opponents at bay. Things only got more ruthless from there. When I received my first weapon, we were about fourty. At the end of the training, there were 15 of us left. Some made alliance with other students to stay, other use guile and underhanded tactics to secure themselves a place as one of the 15. Me? Yes, what about it? Oh yes. I was amongst the 15, but I didn't have a lot fo friend. It's also during those years that I earned my nickname “Swift Wind.” I was strong and really fast. I still am, so don't try anything funny.

    12 years. Yes, you heard right. Once there were fifteen of us, the masters stopped kickng us out and real training started. Warfare, leadership, how to hold armies at bay with our spears as our weapon for the next 12 years. That's also when we learned the histry of the First, a shapeshifting god who fought some battle a long time ago. We honor him by continuing his school of battle, awaiting his return. We were even showed his mighty weapon: Runeglaive. A weapon only the master of the Order and the winner of the Gauntlet could touch. Huh? The Gauntlet? Yes, yes, I am getting there. So, the Gauntlet is... you remember the last bout at the battle arena, when everyone was fighting each other in... what did you call it? A battle royale? Yes, that. It was a no hold barred fight until only one was left on the battlefield. I see that look on your face. No need to worry, it wasn't to the death and we were using staves. Did I win? Ha! If I lost, do you think I would be here speaking to you about it? Anyways, Yes. I won that tournament, it wasn't easy or anything, but I managed to win. My body covered in bruises and small cuts, I limped toward the master for the ultimate price: Touching Runeglaive and becomes one of the master. That's when everything changed.

    How? I am even surprised you are still listening to me! Well, when I touched the holy weapon, I was assaulted by visions. I don't remember much of what I saw back then, but when it was done, there is one thing I knew: The Order was a lie. That, and I was illuminating the room in a gold and saffron glow, the angers boiling insde me, the rage as old as time itself flowed in and... Huh? What was the lie? I... am still searching the answer to that, actually. It was one of those gut feelings, you know when you just know that something is wrong without putting your actual finger on it. So, I did the unthinkable. I lifted Runeglaive, I was conviced that it belonged to me, so it was only natural that I pick it up. That's when I had to fight for my life for the first time. Let me tell you that straight, no matter how much you train, you are never ready for the real thing in your first fight. I managed to escape alive, the power that awoken that time. This exaltation, as you call it, made sure that I was undeafeated as I tossed the other trainees and masters aside, wounding many, killing a few.

    What happened after? Without money and still wounded, I wandered into the nearest village to nurse myself back to health. I fully expected the Order to come for me, but it didn't happen. They must have been recovering too, now that I look back on it. After that, I smuggled myself out of the island and continued to wander around the West, fighting monsters and other things to pay the bills. Then, I reached the city-ships. The truth is, I partied a little too much and when I woke up again, the ships had left port and I was there, so might as well make myself useful as a guard or something. Now, that you know that, you wanted to ask me something?
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    Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste) Empty Re: Aurielle, the swift wind (Dawn Caste)

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