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    Jiànshù Li, Blacksmith of the Dawn


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    Jiànshù Li, Blacksmith of the Dawn Empty Jiànshù Li, Blacksmith of the Dawn

    Post by RIZero on Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:19 am

    Name: Jiànshù Li
    Player: RIZero
    Concept: Former unwilling apprentice/borderline slave to a smithy turned renegade for freedom.
    Caste: Dawn
    Anima: A glowing pale golden daiklaive tinged rose red, surrounded by barely noticeable violet clouds.

    8/6/3 Attributes
    Physical: Primary 8
    Strength: ****
    Dexterity: *****
    Stamina: **
    Social: Teritary 3
    Charisma:  **
    Manipulation: **
    Appearance:  **
    Mental: Secondary 6
    Perception: **
    Wits: ***

    Abilities: 28 dots
    Supernal: Melee
    *Archery 1
    *Athletics 1
    *Awareness 1
    *Craft 3 Weapon Forging
    *Craft 2 (armoring)
    *Dodge 1
    Integrity 2
    Linguistics 2
    *Lore 2
    Martial Arts
    *Melee 3
    *Occult 2
    *Presence 2
    Resistance 2
    Socialize 1
    Survival 1
    *War 1

    Specialties (4):

    Merits: (10)
    Ambidexterity 1
    Danger Sense 3
    Direction Sense 1
    Eidetic Memory 2
    Language (Old Realm, Riverspeak) 2
    Quick Draw (Melee) 1

    Tireless Workhorse Method
    Efficent Craftsman Technique
    Brass Scales Falling
    Craftsman Needs No Tools
    Flawless Handiwork Method x2
    Triumph-Forging Eye
    Supreme Masterwork Focus
    Reed In the Wind
    Reflex Sidestep Technique
    Shadow Over Water
    Destiny-Manifesting Method
    Essense-Lending Method
    Will-Bolstering Method
    Excellent Strike
    Dipping Swallow Defense
    Bulkward Stance
    Spirit-Detecting Glance

    Defining: "A mortal who is not free to chose their own path is an affront to everything a mortal is."
    Major: "Purposefully using one's skills to something other than the fullest is wasteful."
    Major: "Honest work is to be respected."
    Minor: "While it is grand to claim to know one's limits, it isn't until one tries to surpass them that one truly learns where they are."

    Limit Trigger: Innocents suffering and unable/unwilling to aid them.

    Essence: 1
    Temp: 5
    Perm: 5
    -0, -1, -1, -2, -2, -4, Incapacitated

    Personal (Essence * 3 + 10) = 13
    Peripheral (Essence * 7 + 26) = 33

    Anima Powers:
    1 mote, Know exact time of day and relative position of the sun, or cause caste mark to appear and display itself for as long as desired.
    Bonfire/Iconic levels: half essence score, round up, to base initiative upon resetting
    10 Motes: All combat and movement charms with outstanding reset conditions are reset. Ability is 1/day, resets at sunrise.
    Half essence rounded up bonus in dice to intimate foes. May intimidate targets which do not feel fear.

    Knife: Light Melee(acc +4, Damage +7, Defense +0, Overwhelming 1) Lethal, Melee, Thrown (Short) (Exceptional: has been etched and or carved with Old Realm runes stating her Name, and the date of her freedom from her apprenticeship. She made it herself at someone's forge in return for other tasks done for them.)
    Straight Sword: Medium Melee(Accuracy + 2 Damage +9 Defense +1 Overwhelming 2) Lethal, Melee, balanced
    Sledge: Heavy Melee (Accuracy +0, Damage +11, Defense -1, Overwhelming 1) Bashing, Melee, Reaching, Smashing, Two-Handed (It is surprisingly not fancy. The weapon she was wielding when she exalted.)
    Longbow: Medium Archery (Long), (Damage +9, Overwhelming 1)
    Chain Shirt (exceptional) (Soak +3, Mobility Penalty 0, Hardness 0) Concealable. (Was made by herself as part of the same bargain that let her make the knife. Fitted to her almost perfectly too!)

    Combat Stats:
    Join Battle (Wits+Awareness): 4d +3
    Parry ((Dex+Melee/2)+weapon bonus): 4 with knife, 5 with sword
    Evasion ((Dex+Dodge/2)-armor penalty): 3
    Natural Soak: 2 Armor Soak: 3 Total Soak: 5
    Hardness: 0
    Withering Attack: Knife 12, Sword 10, Sledge 6, Bow 6+Range mod:
    Withering Damage: Knife +7, Sword +9, Withering Damage +11, Bow +9
    Decisive Attack: Knife/Sword/Sledge: 8, Bow: 6
    Rush: 6
    Disengage: 6

    Jianshu was an 'apprentice', more like a slave, to a Terrestrial exalted lord who fancied himself a metalsmith. She and a fellow apprentice took to sneaking into his library, teaching themselves the language from some of the few books that were in both Old Realm, and the High Realm they were forced to learn. She took her occasional beatings with pride when she got caught. Then her fellow apprentice got flayed. Not for reading. But for applying what was learned from that reading to the forge work, which included a prayer that was not part of the Immaculate Order. While Jianshu wasn't in time to prevent the whipping, which, unfortunately, turned out to be fatal... it was done in the forge. And the Terrestrial only got a brief moment to stare at the sudden bright dawning of light behind them before the sledgehammer used to work bigger slabs of metal impacted their skull. Since that day, only a few months ago, Jianshu has been on the run, stopping in small villages to trade skills for necessities, including a day of use of a forge and materials.

    Jianshu stands about five foot six, and has brown hair and brown eyes set in an heart-shaped face. She has a thin nose that is a little crooked, as if it broke once upon a time and wasn't set quite straight. She is usually found wearing a simple tunic and skirt, with a leather apron and simple leggings, though when she is -expecting- trouble or is traveling, she trades the apron for chainmail, and a simple undyed cloth cloak. She carries with her a sledgehammer on her back, a sword on her waist, and a knife tucked into her left boot. She also has a bow slung crosswise from the hammer, along with a quiver on her belt.

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