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    Sable Shadow (Night Caste Solar)


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    Sable Shadow (Night Caste Solar) Empty Sable Shadow (Night Caste Solar)

    Post by Maly on Thu Mar 30, 2017 12:19 am

    Name: Sable Shadow
    Caste: Night
    Concept: Thief and Infiltrator
    Anima: Flashes of violet and grey surrounding her darkening silhouette
    Supernal: Stealth

    Nei (Tie, Respect and Rivalry, Major)
    The Umbral Hand (Tie, Gratitude, Minor)
    Authority Figures (Tie, has a problem with, Major)
    Never Harm Innocents (Principal, Defining)

    Languages: Foresttongue (Native), Seatongue, Riverspeak, High Realm, Low Realm, Sign Language

    Str: 2, Cha: 2, Per: 4
    Dex: 5, Manip: 2, Int: 2
    Stam: 4, App: 3, Wits: 3

    *Archery: 4 (spec: while concealed)
    *Athletics: 3
    *Awareness: 4 (spec: Noticing Danger
    Brawl: 0
    Bur: 0
    Craft: 0
    *Dodge: 3
    Integrity: 2
    *Investigation: 2
    *Larceny: 3 (Spec: Picking Locks)
    Linguistics: 0
    Lore: 1
    MA: 0
    Medicine: 0
    *Melee: 2
    Occult: 1
    Performance: 0
    Presence: 0
    *Resistance: 2
    Ride: 0
    Sail: 0
    Socialize: 0
    **Stealth: 5 (Spec: While Barefoot)
    *Survival: 3
    Thrown: 0
    War: 0

    Claws: 1 points, Fangs: 1 points, Enhanced Sense Scent: 3 points
    Enhanced Sense Hearing: 3 points, Tail: 1 point, Unusual Hide (Fur) 3 points
    Artifact: 3 points (Moonlit Huntress (P.617), Artifact: 3 points (Belt of Shadow Walking (P.602)
    Lingustics: 4 points, Resources: 1 point (Petty Larceny)

    Flaw: Paranoia, Major

    Willpower: 5

    Essence: 1
    Personal: 13
    Peripheral: 33
    Committed: 10m peripheral

    Limit Trigger: Solar is hindered or defeated by the self-indulgent or intemperate behavior of those around her
    Limit Break: Heart of Flint

    Exp: Current: 6, Total: 30
    Solar Exp: Current: 1, Total: 20

    Weapons: Moonlit Huntress: Acc 8-14 (9-15 at night), Dmg 14, Rng Long, Ovw 4, Tags: Archery (Long), Lethal
    Spear: Acc 9, Dmg 11, P. Def: 5, Ovw 1, Tags: Lethal, Melee, Piercing, Reach

    Health: 1 -0, 2 -1, 2 -2, 1 -4, 1 Incap
    Defense: Parry: 5, Evasion: 4, Rush: 8, Resolve: 3, Guile: 1, Disengage: 8
    Join Battle: 11

    Wise Arrow, Cost 1m, Mins Archery 2, Ess 1
    Supplemental, Uniform, Instant
    With skill and effort, the Exalt guides her arrow to its mark. The Exalt may use this Charm to supplement a withering or decisive attack, reducing the benefits of cover. The defense bonus of heavy and light cover is reduced by one, while characters under no cover suffer a -1 penalty to their normal Defense.

    In addition, after taking an aim action, the Solar may activate this Charm to strike an opponent in full cover. The Exalt shoots along an arc or angle that perfectly matches her opponent’s position. So long as there is some opening where an arrow can get through, Wise Arrow treats a character in full cover as if he merely has +3 Defense.

    Trance of Unhesitating Speed, cost 4m, 1 wp, Mins Archery 3, ess 1
    Simple, Decisive only, Instant
    This charm allows the Exalt to attack multiple targets, or a single target multiple times, by spreading her total current initiative between decisive attacks. Each attack must contain at least 3 initiative, and extra initiative must be spread as evenly as possible between shots. In addition, each 10 she rolls on an attack increases the base damage of the attack by one. The Exalt's initiative doesn't reset until she's completed every attack, and she may not make more attacks than she has ammunition or Dexterity. This attack can be made without an aim action.

    Sensory Acuity, Cost 5m, Mins Aware 2, Ess 1
    Reflexive, One Scene
    For the rest of the scene, the Exalt's Awareness rolls benefit from double 9s. If the effect of any Unsurpassed (Sense) Discipline applies, reroll 6s until they cease to appear. Use of Sensory Acuity Prana comes without danger of sensory overload; the Charm helps the Solar manage her senses more effectively

    Surprise Anticipation, Cost -, Awareness 3, Ess 1
    Reflexive, Instant
    For every 9 the Solar rolls on Awareness check to reveal a hidden enemy, trap, or any source of harm not readily apparent, she gains a single mote of essence, and for every 10 she gains 2. This charge of essence can only be used to offset the cost of activating awareness charms to reveal a threat. Motes returned in this fashion may retroactively lower the cost committed to Awareness Charms of a scene or longer in duration, both lowering the committed cost and returning the discounted mote(s) to the Solar's mote pool. Second, her senses function even when she's asleep or incapacitated, allowing her to use any of her awareness charms subconsciously. A threat revealed to the Solar while she is asleep or unconscious automatically revives her, allowing her to defend herself.

    Monkey Leap Technique, cost 2m, Mins Ath 2, Ess 1
    Supplemental, instant.
    Using this technique, the Solar may leap forward or straight up one range band. A Solar using this charm can easily leap to the top of a 20 foot wall or cross a Nexus street over rooftops without having to roll. This charm counts as the Solar's movement for the turn. If the Solar continues to leap to a different range band each turn, the cost is reduced to 1 mote after the first activation.

    Graceful Crane Stance. cost 3m, Mins Ath 1, Ess 1
    Reflexive, One Scene
    For the rest of the scene, the Solar has perfect balance and can stand or run on things too narrow or weak to support her normally, with no chance of falling or breaking through.

    Foe-Vaulting method, cost 3i, Mins Ath 2, Ess 1
    Reflexive, Instant
    At Close range, if the Exalt has a higher initiative (before cost) than her foe, she may use this charm on her turn, rolling Dex+Ath against her opponent's Evasion. If successful, she leaps over her target, creating an opening, and may make a surprise attack overhead or at their back. This Charm may only be used once per combat, but is reset by landing a decisive attack and building initiative to 6+.

    Drifting Leaf Elusion, Cost 1m, Mins Dodge 2, Ess 1
    Reflexive, Instant
    The Exalt slips away from an attack that would have struck her. When using this charm, the Solar successfully evades an attack roll bearing successes equal to her Evasion. This charm may be invoked after the attack roll is made.

    Seasoned Criminal Method, Cost -, Mins Larc 1, Ess 1
    Does stuff (P. 315 core)

    Flawless Pickpocketing Tech, cost 3m, Mins Larc 2, Ess 1
    Supplemental, Mute, Instant
    Enhances a normal pickpocketing attempt. Unless contested by magic, this attempt cannot fail. When such a conflict arises, this charm adds Solar's Essence in autosux. Must be close enough to touch her target to use, but in every other way, this charm follows the rules of a normal pickpocketing attempt. Cannot steal items that are in use or artifacts that have been attuned.

    Easily Overlooked Presence Method, cost 3m, Mins Stealth 3, Ess 1
    Simple, One Scene
    When active, characters cannot notice unless she takes overt action, which JB always counts as. Doesn't work against alert guards or those who intend to stop everyone, but can be overcome by magic only if the user has a Minor or Greater intimacy to the Solar or a Major or Defining Intimacy to a cause the Exalt's presence directly threatens.

    Blinding Battle Feint, Cost 3m, Mins Stealth 3, Ess 1
    Supplemental, instant
    Exalt may use Dex+Stealth to Join Battle, the result of which also acts as an attempt to enter stealth. If she beats her opponent's Awareness based JB roll, she's automatically concealed so long as there's a viable place to hide. If her foe uses a JB roll modified to use any ability other than awareness, they must make an awareness roll to spot her, suffering a pen equal to the difference in their Initiative, even if they rolled higher. If failed, Solar vanishes from view.

    Stalking Wolf Attitude, Cost: 5m, Mins Stealth 4, Ess 1
    Simple, Mute, Indefinite
    While Concealed, Solar uses this tech to focus on an opponent. With this charm, the Solar ignores the -3 pen to stealth rolls for moving while concealed, and in addition, on each round in which she succeeds at the contested roll to avoid detection by her mark, she gains an amount of init = the extra successes on the roll. When she senses the perfect moment to strike, she may leap from concealment to unleash a decisive attack as long as she's been hidden by this charm at least a round.

    For each round she remains under this charm's effects, she gains a mounting -1 pen to her stealth rolls, and if discovered or she voluntarily leaves concealment or terminates the charm without making a decisive attack, she loses all init gained through most recent activation of this charm.

    Hidden Snake Recoil, Cost 1m or 2i, Mins Stealth 5, Ess 2
    Reflexive, Instant
    Upon incapping a target, the Solar may reflexively attempt concealment by rolling (Dex+stealth), adding (Essence) automatic successes. This charm contributes 4 motes total to the cost of any Stealth Charms the Solar uses to Aid in this attempt.

    Hardship Surviving Mendicant Spirit, Cost 5m, Mins Survival 3, Ess 1
    Reflexive, One Day
    Through the use of this charm, the Solar becomes able to survive in even the most hostile conditions without special prep. Negates all environmental penalties to survival rolls and eliminates the deleterious effects of exposure to extreme climates. Ignores inclement weather even while lightly dressed, and does not suffer undue blisters, bug bites or plant poison even when walking barefoot through the jungle. Does not protect Exalt from Environmental Damage.

    Lowers the Diff to forage and find shelter by 2, to a minimum of 1.

    Mental Invisibility Technique, Cost 5m, 1 wp, Mins Stealth 4, Ess 2
    Simple, Mute, one scene
    Roll Dex+stealth against subject's resolve. On a success, she vanishes from her subject's notice and cannot be perceived. This effect applies to every witness who's resolve is surpassed by the Solar's skill. Rolling JB or taking violent action ends Charm's effects

    Vanishing from Mind's Eye Method, cost 10m, 1 wp, Mins Stealth 5, Ess 3
    Reflexive, Mute, Indefinite
    Roll Dex+Stealth and add essence automatic successes to result. Record it, and the Exalt slips out of thoughts and memories of everyone who's ever known her, hiding in their minds. Upon meeting, she is unrecognizable to those who should know her. Once per day, individuals affected by this charm may attempt to recognize the Exalt or remember her involvement in a past event. Roll Wits+Lore against a diff equal to the result. If the roll doesn't succeed, he doesn't recognize the Solar, and the Exalt remains a nameless, shadowy distortion in his memories.

    False Image Feint, Cost 7m, 1 wp, Mins Stealth 5, Ess 4
    Reflexive, Perilous, Mute, Instant
    When hit with a decisive attack, Solar may use this charm if the attacker rolled a combined total of 6 1s and 2s across both attack and damage rolls. Roll Dex+Stealth against her attackers Per+Aware. If she succeeds, she slips out of sight and into concealment, evading the attack as if she'd dodged it. If she succeeds with at least one ten in her result, she enters stealth while her opponent strikes an afterimage left by her anima, transferring the damage result harmlessly away from the Solar and returning her opponent to base initiative. The Solar may leave an object concealed within her anima to receive the strike, reducing the charm cost by one mote-or two, if the player makes a clever substitution.

    Spends: 2 BP favored abilities, 13 BP merits
    Solar XP spent on Archery 4, Athletics 4, Survival 3, Integrity 1 and 2, and Investigation 2
    Regular XP spent on 3 favored charms.

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    Post by Maly on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:05 am

    Sable was born in Halta, in the capital city of Chanta, while the moon passed in front of the sun and bathed the land in shadow, and shadow has ever been her friend. She early developed a talent for sneaking around, often getting into places she shouldn't, and then getting chased off by angry shopkeepers, but never without a piece of fruit or a loaf of bread for her troubles.

    She grew better at avoiding getting caught, and as her skill increased, so too did what she made off with. And as her take grew from an apple hear or a loaf there to gems and other precious items, so too did the ire of those she robbed, until one day they'd had enough. She was given the choice of exile, of taking the dangerous paths through the fae infested forest floor, or being put to death. Well, since her tale continues, you can imagine what her choice was...

    Silent as the grave, she slipped through the dark forest, hardly daring to breath as she passed Fair Folk hunter after Fair Folk hunter, slowly moving westward until she came to the headwater of the Silver River, before following it south, sneaking through miles and miles of the Fae's hunting grounds. Upon reaching the edge of it, she earned a Night Caste Exaltation, the Sun having a use for one of her skill.

    She turned south along the river, eventually finding her way to an ancient manse, now long silent as the dragonlines shifted over the centuries. But the structure still stood, and inside, after avoiding the few traps that didn't require essence to work, she found two items amidst the dust and decay. A belt and a bow. She took them, believing them somehow important, and slowly learned about them as she made her way next to Nexus, where she went back to her thieving ways. This time, however, it wasn't the authorities that got a hold of her, but rather, a group of thieves known as the Umbral Hand, who accepted her into the fold, and placed her in the care of another thief. Things went well... until they didn't, and the pair was forced to flee the city, eventually ending up on the great City Ship.
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    I very much like the beginning of her story-but I look forward to the reveal of why the two ran from the Umbral hand. APPROVED!

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    Requesting desanc and account deletion

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