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    Sorcerous Initiation - The Academy of Pearl


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    Sorcerous Initiation - The Academy of Pearl Empty Sorcerous Initiation - The Academy of Pearl

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:30 pm

    The Academy of Pearl

    The Academy of Pearl is a school of the occult, spirituality, essence manipulation and sorcery. In the city of pearl those who have a talent for magic or a keen intellect are granted a scholarship to the Academy in exchange for four years of service to the Kingdom and Crown. The school teaches sorcery through the power of the ocean and its waters. It teaches that the ocean is the very life blood of Pearl and its people and from this lifeblood essence can be drawn in which they can reshape creation.

    Shaping Rituals

    When a graduate of the Academy is within medium range of a significant quantity of water (defined as at least a barrels worth) they may draw (Essence) motes from the water itself and use that to empower their sorcery. Doing so causes the water to form droplets and small streams that head towards the user and swirl among the essence of his sorcery. If a water elemental is nearby, they may draw (Essence) motes from its pool, but only if her shape sorcery roll exceeds their Resolve, and no more than once per scene against any one spirit.

    When a storm is brewing on the surface of the ocean, the waters feel it all the way to the very depths. As the waters grow more and more turbulent, their essence grows more and more excited and easy to manipulate. While the sorcerer is in the midst of a storm, either above or below the surface of the water, they may draw additional motes from the ocean itself. The sorcerer may draw up to (Essence x3) motes from the storm to empower his sorcery. The sorcerer though must stand or swim in the midst of the storm itself though, this often requires an athletics roll not to be swept away.

    Other Benefits

    Elemental Mastery (1 dot merit): The close link between the Academy of Pearl and the local water elemental courts has left its mark on the essence of a graduate of the Academy. Water and Fire elementals all over creation recognize the elemental mark on the graduate of the Academy and treat them with respect. Water elementals treat a Graduate of the Academy as if they had a minor positive tie of respect, while fire elementals treat the graduate as if they had a minor tie of terrified awe.

    Arcane Tattoo: As part of the education at the Academy, a graduate is tattooed with arcane and mystical tattoos. These usually take the form of swirling patterns similar to waves and ocean swirls. The Sorcerer may unlock evocations which allow him to control water and/or the ocean or enhance his sorcery with water elemental themes, manipulate, control, or draw power from water elementals and the like. Players should work with their ST to design a set of evocations that suit the characters personality and strong water elemental themes.

    Bond with the Ocean (1 dot merit): The sorcerers bond with the ocean is strong, and as long as they sleep within medium range of the ocean or significant body of water (defined as small lake or larger) they gain an additional point of willpower upon resting each night.

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