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    Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King


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    Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:38 pm

    Name: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King
    Caste: Zenith Caste
    Anima Ability: Core p. 176

    Apparent Age:  Mid 30's
    Actual Age: 64
    Concept:  King of Pearl
    Anima:  A brilliant white shark that swims around him and lunges to strike as he does.


    Strength: 5
    Dexterity:  4
    Stamina:  2

    Charisma: 5
    Manipulation:  2
    Appearance:  2

    Perception: 2
    Intelligence: 3
    Wits: 2


    Athletics: 4
    Awareness:  3
    Brawl: 1
    Dodge: 3
    Integrity: 1
    Investigation:  3
    Linguistics:  1
    Occult: 3
    Presence: 1
    Performance: 5
    Resistance:  1
    Socialize:  1
    *Survival: 5
    War: 1

    Brawl (Tide Callers)
    Athletics (Swimming)
    Occult (Sorcery)
    Survival (Husbandry)


    Influence: 5 (King of Pearl)
    Gills: 3 (Gills on his neck)
    Water Adaption: 2 (Webbed fingers and toes that allow him to count water as normal terrain.)
    Familiar: 3 (Sakai)
    Artifact: 4 (Tide Callers)
    Artifact: 3 (Crown of Pearl)


    Wyld Mutant

    Essence: 1

    Personal:  13
    Peripheral:  33
    Committed: 4 (Crown of Pearl)

    Willpower:  5

    -=Health Levels=-
    1x -0, 3x -1, 3x -2, 1x -4, Inc.


    Pearl (Responsibility, Defining)
    His queen (Love, major)
    The sea (Joy, Major)
    Sharks (Fascination, Major)


    Courage (Major)
    Atlantis must grow (Defining)
    Destiny is on the Surface (Major)
    Bloodlust (Minor)

    -=Charms & Spells=-            

    Athletics, Awareness, Brawl. Dodge, Integrity, Investigation, Occult, Performance, Presence, Resistance, Socialize, Survival, War



    • Sensory Acuity Prana (pg 327; 5m, Reflexive, Scene, Double 9s on Awareness.  If combined with Unsurpassed (Sense) re-roll 6s till they fail to appear)
    • Unsurpassed (Smell) Discipline (pg 328;6m Simple, Scene, provides many benefits, including +2 to tracking and other scent rolls and smell range of (essence x200) yards, and a scent library.)


    • Reed in the Wind (2i per Evasion, up to + (Essence). Reflexive,  At Dodge 5, E3+ restores 1m on successful dodge, max 1 per round.)


    • Enduring Mental Toughness (1m, Reflexive, One Tick, Can ignore wounds, illness or crippling penalties to the solar's resolve or guile for a tick)


    • Watchman's Infallible Eye (pg 392; Perm, ST informed player any time they encounter a scene in which a 'Case Scene' or 'Profile Character' action should be used.)


    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery


    • Masterful Performance Exercise (2m, Supplement, Instant, Adds 1 automatic success and reroll 1's until they fail to appear.


    • Ox-Body Technique (Permanent, Adds one -1 and one -2 health level.  At stamina 3-4 it adds an additional -2 health level and at stamina 5 it instead adds a -0 health level.)


    • Friendship with Animals Approach (3m, Simple, One Scene, makes herbivores and small animals less afraid of the solar. Predators simply let the solar be.
    • Spirit Tied Pet (10m+1wp+1xp, Simple, Instant, Turns a creature into a familiar, giving them a defining intimacy to the solar and allowing the solar to draw 5m and 1wp once per day each from their familiar.
    • Beast Mastering Behavior (10m+wp, Simple, One Week, pg 410, pet training charm.)
    • Familiar Honing Spirit (4m, Reflexive, Instant, Mute, roll Charisma + survival and adds the successes in dice to a familiar's attempt to follow the solar's orders.)


    • Corrupted Words (Control)
    • Invulnerable Skin of Bronze
    • Summon Elemental


    • Ebb n' Flow (Tidecallers, Free)
    • Undertow's Pull (Tidecallers)



    Tide Callers (Acc +5 (+3), Damage +10B/3 (+12L/4), Defense +0 (+1), Tags Worn, Concealable, Grappling, Bashing, Lethal*, Piercing*, Smashing*, Shielding*)


    Behemoth-Scale Breastplate (Soak 7, mobility -2, hardness 0, Tags: Buoyant)
    A beautiful suit of gossamer reinforced breastplate that was made from the scales of a large undersea monster. The arms and legs are protected chain-mail made of beautiful gossamer dreams and the armor is decorated in gold.  The breastplate, greaves and pauldrons can be removed reducing its traits to light armor.

    -General Equipment-

    Crown of Pearl
    Skinning knife
    Royal Clothing

    -Summoned Elementals-
    Three Valusians
    One Tidemare


    Soak: Stamina 2 + Bronze Skin 6 + Armor 7 = 15
    Brawl Parry: (Dexterity 5 + Brawl 1 + Specialty 1)/2 = 4 + Defense 1 = 5
    Evasion: (Dexterity 5 + Dodge 3)/2 = 4
    Withering Unarmed: Dexterity 5 + Brawl 1 + Specialty 1 + Accuracy 5(3) = 12(10)
    Decisive Unarmed: Dexterity 5 + Brawl 1 + Specialty 1 = 7


    10 backgrounds
    5 Abilities

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    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:39 pm

    -Dance classes and ettiquete training
    -Swimming and love of the ocean
    -training with the house guard

    Loss of his older brother from Dark Dwellers
    -Brother was nearly 15 years old
    -was defending one of the outposts when the earth broke and dark dwellers poured out
    -Lost his brother as well as the outpost.

    Time at the academy
    -Spent 3 years at the academy, learning the occult and sorcery
    -During this time he met his future wife

    Loss of his father and his exaltion
    -Another house sent assassins to kill his father.  
    -They succeeded but damon exalted and killed all but one of those attacking his father.
    -Questioned the survivor and discovered it was a rival house

    The Story of the Tide Callers
    -TBD with Jose

    Gathering support
    -use the information gathered from his fathers killer to expose the rival house
    -Arrange a marriage between himself and the daugher of the leader of the 2nd house
    -solidified alliance with the third house

    -gorgeous wedding, the whole city celebrated
    -rival house stormed out in protest

    The Story of the Crown
    -Traveled to a shine of Saikal, and sacrificed a criminal to her name
    -Attempted to convince saikal to help in their war against the dark dwellers
    -tried proving himself brave and honorable but was laughed at
    -finally he challenged one of her children to battle and proved himself vicious enough for her.
    -Saikal gives the runt of her children to him as a familiar.

    Becoming King
    -With crown in hand he returns and claimed the throne, using his uncles connections with the academy, his wife's connections within the city and with the fabled crown in hand.

    His son
    -Not long after his crowning, his son is born

    First give years of his reign
    -Faced accusations from other houses of murdering his brother
    -Assassination attempt on the queen
    -expanding the kelp farms

    second five years of his reign
    -Formation of the kings guard
    -Expanding of the city's fishing fleets
    -facing growing rumors of the Dark Dwellers

    third five years of his reign
    -Attacks by the dark dwellers become more frequent
    -lost of fishing ships
    -declaration of war on the dark dwellers

    Recent past
    -uses the war to bond all the houses except his rival
    -urging of the houses to seek help from the surface
    -facing opposition of going to the surface

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:39 pm

    Child of Siakal, "Brother"

    Siaka are gigantic sharks that can grow to 40 feet in length, and while Damon's familiar is a runt compared to its brothers, it is large for a saika. Their mouths are huge and can swallow a grown man whole. Their five rows of teeth—some over six inches long—make quick work of anything unlucky enough to cross paths with the voracious beasts. Siaka are found only in deep water, hunting whales and giant squid, and they can sense blood in water for hundreds of miles.

    Essence: 1; Willpower: 7; Join Battle: 9 dice
    Health Levels: -0/-1x8/-2x8/-4/Incap. Saika are ferocious predators, and are willing to fight without fleeing against smaller enemies, retreating only when wounded by large aquatic predators such as other siaka or a giant squid.
    Actions: Feats of Strength: 11 dice (may attempt Strength 7 feats); Resist Poison/Disease 10; Senses: 5 dice (Scent 6); Stealth 7; Swim: 8 dice; Tracking 8 dice
    Resolve 3, Guile 1


    • Attack (Bite): 12 dice (Damage 17, minimum 5)
    • Attack (Grapple): 11 dice (12 dice to control). The saika makes unopposed control rolls against smaller opponents, unless its victims use magic that allows them to clinch larger enemies, such as Dragon Coil Technique.

    Combat Movement: 8 dice
    Evasion 6, Parry 4
    Soak/Hardness: 15/5
    Special Attacks

    • Crushing Bite:The power jaws of the saika can rip through hardened shells and steel armor alike. Any withering bite attack it makes ignores four points of armored soak, plus an additional point of armored soak for each extra success on the attack roll.
    • Clamp Down: A river dragon that deals 3+ levels of damage to a victim with a decisive bite attack may pay a point of Willpower to begin grappling them, making the opposed roll to establish control over the clinch. A successful clinch adds +1 to the base Initiative it resets to for every round of control it gains. Once per fight.
    • Death Roll: A saika that has grappled an enemy and built up to Initiative 11+ may use the terrifying death roll, a decisive savaging attack that benefits from double 7s as the dragon twists to forcibly rip off chunks of flesh. The death roll inflicts a  rippling injury (p. 201) on its victim, but with the river dragon’s player choosing how
      severe an injury to inflict and forgoing the appropriate amount of damage. Once per fight.
    • Ferocious Bite: When the saika makes a decisive bite attack against an enemy with a lower Initiative rating, it adds +10 to the raw damage of the attack. This bonus does not apply to attacks made as part of a deadly thrash. Once per fight, unless reset by rebuilding from base Initiative to Initiative 15+.
    • Iron Jaws: The saika does not take Defense penalties from grappling smaller enemies, and can reflexively take a drag action to move them whenever it moves, carrying them in its mouth (this does not apply to clinches initiated with brutal stomp).  Additionally, being attacked only causes it to lose rounds of control over a clinch if that attack successfully damages the tyrant lizard.
    • Hull-Crushing Chomp (Latent): An armored terror that has been trained to attack ships can tear through even the armored hull of a Realm battleship. The armored terror receives the benefits of the Charm Sledgehammer Fist Attack (p. 277) when attempting to bite through the hull of a seafaring vessel.


    • Apex Predator: The saika regains a point of Willpower every time it crashes or incapacitates a non-trivial opponent. This cannot raise its current Willpower above the amount it had at the beginning of the fight. It is also immune to any non-magical  influence roll meant to intimidate, provoke fear, or play upon fear.
    • Relentless Pursuit: The saika applies the double 8s rule on any scent-based Awareness roll or on any roll to track by scent. It adds five automatic successes on any roll made to oppose an enemy’s (Dexterity + Stealth) roll using scent.
    • Impenetrable Armor: The minimum damage of any withering attack made against the saika is reduced by one die, to a minimum of zero.
    • Legendary Size: The saika’s size makes it extraordinarily difficult for human-scale enemies to engage it in combat. It does not take onslaught penalties from any attack made by a smaller opponent, although magically inflicted onslaught penalties still apply against it. Withering attacks made by smaller enemies cannot drop it below 1 Initiative unless they have a post-soak damage of 10 dice (although attackers can still gain the full amount of Initiative damage dealt). Decisive attacks made by smaller enemies cannot deal more than (3 + attacker’s Strength) levels of damage to the terror with a single attack, not counting any levels of damage added by Charms or other magic.

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:49 pm

    Tide Callers, black jade and moon-silver wraps (Artifact 4)
    Themes: Water Control, Adaptability, Ebb and Flow, Control
    Tags: Worn, Concealable, Grappling, Bashing

    The Tide Callers are silk-steel wraps that have moon-silver threads woven into to their length. Around the knuckles and on the back of the forearms are black jade plates. These wraps upgrade the unarmed attacks to that of a light artifact weapon. When the exalt attunes the Tide Callers they automatically gain access to the Ebb n' Flow Evocation. Like most artifacts they are not intelligent, but they do seem to have a personality of their own. Their mercurial nature leaves them feeling uncomfortable when things remain too static around them, and their connection to the ocean makes them almost a temperamental as the ocean gods.

    Ebb n' Flow
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Uniform
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisites: None
    For 3 motes, the user causes water fly towards the user and form into four balls of floating water that swirl around his arms and legs. If used under water these balls of floating water are still obvious, seeming to be more solid that the water around it. These hard water constructs can be as hard as steel and as malleable as water as the user desires and they shift and move in tandem with the solar. As the solar strikes, the hard water constructs rush forward and spearhead the attack and when the solar moves to parry they flow with him deflecting blows before they even reach the solar. The constructs never move more than a couples inches from the users arms or legs.

    This upgrades the weapons traits to that of a medium weapon and allows the solar to alter the behavior of the hard water constructs between offensive, balanced or defensive. The solar may change between these three once per turn as a reflexive action on their action.

    The solar can choose to have the hard water constructs act offensively, acting like a wave crashing against a cliff wearing it away. The flowing waters seek to find the slightest holes in defenses and slips between the cracks of armor. This grants the weapon the Lethal and Piercing tags. The solar can instead choose to have the constructs behave in a more balanced way, moving steadily forward to slam home attacks and back to defend the solar, much like a wave right at its peak. This grants the weapon the Lethal and Smashing tags. Lastly the solar can choose to retreat, as does the departing wave, focusing on defense an spread the constructs out into shields around his arms and legs. While doing this they gain the Shield tag and Bashing Tags. When first activated they begin in balanced mode.

    Undertow's Pull
    Cost: 3m, 1i; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Uniform
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Falling Hammer Strike
    The tide is rarely predictable, and always dangerous. The Solar attacks with an unexpectedly ferocious attack, forcing the enemy off balance. An attack enhanced by this Evocation inflicts one additional point of onslaught penalty. If the Solar switches the modes of the Tide Callers before their attack, this charm adds a second additional point of onslaught penalty.

    Sudden Squall Strike
    Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Uniform
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Undertow's Pull
    Capitalizing on her foe’s weakness, the Solar drives on to deliver a blinding follow-up attack. This Charm may only be activated after the character makes an attack which causes her target to suffer an onslaught penalty of 3 or more. It allows her to make a follow-up withering or decisive attack with the Tide Callers at her full dice pool. This Evocation can’t be used more than once on the same turn.

    Tide's Sudden Change
    Cost: - (2m, 1i); Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Sudden Squall Strike
    Once per combat the Solar may make a reflexive change between combat modes of the Tide Callers, even if they have already changed modes that turn. If the Solar switches to defensive mode, they may spend 2m and 1i to reflexively enter full defense until their next action. This may even be activated after the user has attacked that turn. This charm resets after the Solar has shifted modes over three rounds from Offensive to Balanced to Defensive or Defensive to Balanced to Offensive. These shifts must happen in order.

    Unpredictable Storm Strike
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Withering-only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Sudden Squall Strike
    A solar wielding the Tide Caller is a master of being unpredictable. His unpredictable attacks throw his enemies off balance, forcing them to adapt quickly. This Evocation supplements a withering attack if this attack strikes the opponent, he suffers a penalty to all dice pools on his next turn equal to his onslaught penalty at the moment of the strike. Activating this charm requires the Tide Callers to be in balanced mode.

    Wave's Final Crash
    Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Decisive-only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Tide's Sudden Change and Unpredictable Storm Strike
    Waiting until the perfect moment, the Solar strikes a telling blow against her reeling opponent with the Tide Callers, ruthlessly exploiting the advantage created by her relentless onslaught. A decisive attack supplemented by this Evocation adds double the target’s current Onslaught penalty to its base damage, and causes the Exalt to reset to (base + half the opponent’s Onslaught penalty, round up) Initiative. If the attack inflicts damage, the Solar gains one point of Willpower. Activating this charm requires the Tide Callers to be in offensive mode.

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    The Crown of Pearl (Artifact 3)

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:53 pm

    The Crown of Pearl (Artifact 3)
    A orichalcum crown ringed with the teeth of a behemoth shark.

    The Crown of Pearl is a golden crown that rests upon the forehead and re-sizes itself to the wearer.  Set in the front of the crown is a hearthstone slot and circling the crown are special sapphires found in the very deepest parts of the ocean.  The points of the crown are made from the teeth of a terrible shark behemoth that was slain by a long dead King of Pearl.  The crown is a powerful artifact that empowers the wearer socially while granting it command of sharks. Upon attuning the Crown, the user gains +2 non-charm dice to Charisma and Appearance rolls and the first evocation of the Crown.  The wearer of the Crown of Pearl develops a minor intimacy to bloodlust as he develops shark's taste for blood. This intimacy lingers even if the wearer detunes the Crown.

    Command Shark
    Cost: -; Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: None

    The crown allows the user to communicate with sharks. Sharks as a whole are not very intelligent, but this charm ensures that they understand the basic intent behind the communication and his words are treated as if they are coming from someone the sharks have a major intimacy to. Most uses of this charm do not require a roll, but should the wearer of the crown attempt to command or persuade the sharks, this adds the users Essence in non-charm successes to the roll.

    Shark skin
    Cost: 4m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Control Sharks
    The wearer of the crown channels the spiritual essence of the behemoth shark who's teeth make up the crown. The essence flows over the wearer and his skin thickens and toughens like that of a shark. While this charm is active his skin is much less sensitive and very rough to the touch. The wearer of the crown decreases his wound penalties by 2 for the rest of the scene.

    Spirit Sharks
    Cost: 8m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: None
    Duration: One scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Control Sharks

    The wearer of the crown draws out the power of the behemoth sharks teeth and summons a pack of spirit sharks.  These sharks materialize swarming in circles around the wearer of the ground and can be commanded in battle as a battle group. These sharks can swim through the air as easily as they do water and are both terrifying and graceful in their movements. They count as a battle group with average drill, might 2 and a size of 3 and with the following traits.  

    Spirit Shark
    Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice
    Health Levels: -0/-1x3/-2x3/-4/Incap.
    Actions: Senses: 6 dice (see Blood Scent); Stealth: 8 dice; Tracking: 4 dice (see Blood Scent)
    Appearance 4, Resolve 3, Guile 1
    Attack (Bite): 8 dice (Damage 16, may make piercing attacks.)
    Combat Movement: 8 dice
    Soak/Hardness: 9/0 (Shark skin)
    Evasion 4, Parry 2
    Special Attacks
    Frenzied Bite: Spirit Sharks may pay a point of Willpower when it makes a decisive attack against a character with a wound penalty of -1 or higher to double 8s on the attack roll and add all extra successes to the raw damage of the attack.
    Blood Scent: Spirit Sharks add three automatic successes on any Perception-based roll to scent blood, and can track it from miles away. If one is specifically attempting to track or detect a character who is bleeding, it adds an additional automatic success for each point of wound penalty that character is suffering.

    Blood in the Waters
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: None
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Spirit Sharks
    As blood enters the water the wearer of the crown feels a flood of bloodlust and hunger as if entering a feeding frenzy. This evocation can only be activated after a decisive attack inflicts at least one lethal of damage. After the wearer resets their initiative they gain a number of bonus initiative equal to the number of health levels inflicted by the attack. Use of this evocation increases the strength of the users Bloodlust intimacy by one level for the rest of the scene.

    Blood Frenzy
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 3
    Type: Reflexive
    Keywords: Dual
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisite Charms: Blood in the Waters
    Blood has an almost primal effect upon the Shark, causing a deep down hunger and frenzy that is terrifying to behold. This evocation can only be activated after a decisive attack that inflicts at least one lethal of damage, and its use increases the strength of the users Bloodlust intimacy by one level for the rest of the scene. For the rest of the scene the user adds a number of dice to withering and decisive attacks equal to the strength of his Bloodlust Intimacy.
    The user enters a frenzy in which he seeks the violent death of his enemies. For the rest of the scene he suffers a penalty to all non-combat rolls equal to the strength of his bloodlust intimacy and must spend a wp to even attempt such an action.

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Pattern Spider on Mon Sep 12, 2016 2:16 pm

    While this is a good start, please post WIPs and applications not yet approved in the Loom of Fate > Character Application area. The Scroll area is for approved items only. Please reply when you have your character complete! 8]
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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Pattern Spider on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:30 pm

    There is one incomplete evocation to the crown, Shark Skin. However, due to our talk, I am going to call your character approved!

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:08 am

    Damon stands a good half a foot taller than the average man with broad muscular shoulders to match and a powerful build spent of a lifetime of swimming in deep waters. He is most often seen wearing a beautiful gossamer reinforced breastplate made from the scales of some fantastic undersea monster placed over a tight fitting suit of chain-mail made of gossamer dreams. His face is bearded with a thick brown beard and he had shoulder length brown hair the flowed in natural waves. While not particularly handsome the man carried himself like a king and when he spoke people couldn't help but listen. He was a born leader and the type of man that other men would lay down their lives for.

    He usually goes without boots or gloves, as his fingers and toes are webbed up to the first joint. When traveling to the surface he wears boots to protect his feet. On his back along this ribs where gills that allowed him to breath underwater. His hands are usually wrapped in silksteel wraps with braided black jade and moonsilver through them and upon his head he wore the crown of pearl, a behemoth shark tooth crown.

    When wearing his armor only the very tip of a sharks nose at the base of his neck can be seen, but should he be seen without his shirt it is revealed that on his back is a large shark tattoo. On his right thigh there is a massive scar from where a shark hit him, the teeth marks clearly outlined. Across his chest and back are scars from a lifetime of fighting and defending his kingdom. Those in his presence feel at once a respect for his power and a thrill similar to being in the presence of a Sakai, one of the greatest predators of the West.

    Strength 5, Charisma 5, Appearance 2
    (+2 dice to charisma and appearance rolls granted from the Crown.)

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:48 am

    Edited the crown to complete the evocations that can be purchased.

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Wed Oct 19, 2016 2:41 am

    The Mirror Gates
    Celestial Level Working

    The Mirror Gates take the form of two mirrors which where created from two halves of a giant clam and then framed gold. Originally the mirrors where intended as a gift from the king to his wife, and where not intended as a working, but it was found that when the mirrors hung in different rooms that their reflections showed the other room. The mirrors where sent to the Academy where their mystical connection was investigated. It wasn't until there was a need to connect with the surface and their spy there that their connection became useful. Their connection was magically reinforced and the Mirror Gates where made. One now hangs in one of the back rooms of the Enchantress' ship and the other hangs on the wall in the Academy.

    When the user stands and looks into the mirror so that it captures his full body he see's himself stand not in the room that he is in, but in the room that the partner mirror stands. If the user spends either 5m or 1wp and then closes his eyes, when he opens them he finds himself actually standing on the other side of the Gate.

    When the user of the mirror crosses over, they roll (Wits + Integrity) at a difficulty of 2. Should the person fail the roll then when they arrive at the other side they are a mirror of the person who left, quite literally. If they where right handed, they are now left handed. If their clothes had a dragon on the right side, it is now on the left. Mechanically this switches which hand is considered their dominant hand, and they suffer normal offhand penalties with the hand which had been dominant before. In addition they suffer a -1 penalty to rolls for maintaining balance for five days or until they use the mirror to transport back. Transporting back or waiting five days restores the character to their normal dominant hand. Should the user botch the roll their hand is switched permanently, however the penalty to rolls fades after the normal five days.

    Approved by Pattern Spider

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    Re: Kaiyō Damon, the Shark King

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