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    The Kingdom of Pearl - WIP


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    The Kingdom of Pearl - WIP Empty The Kingdom of Pearl - WIP

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    Pearls of the Sea Floor

    Deep below the sapphire blue waves of the Western Oceans lay many secrets, not the least of which is the city of Pearl.  In the last century of the first age there was an Eclipse who had spent his whole life traveling the waves of the Western Ocean creating networks of deals and trade agreements which would help sustain the islands of the west even through the fall of the Deliberative and the rise of the Shogunate.  It was when his Lunar mate was reborn that things changed for him.  His mate was reborn into the body of a beautiful woman, a woman who's good looks and charn shook him to his very core.  Over the years he fell more and more in love with his mate and came to decide that he would settle down with her.  Unable to leave his love of the waves behind, the solar and his mate decided they would create their palace on the floor of the ocean they loved so much, and so the city of Pearl was born.

    First age

    The city of Pearl sprang to life in the very last century of the Solar Deliberative.  The King, the only name for the solar who created the city to survive history, went out far into the oceans of the west and looked down.  Only when his enhanced vision found the exact right spot did he smile and declare that it would be the location of his new home.  He sunk down to the very floor of the ocean and began his work.  For a year and a day he labored, drawing the magical forces of creation together with large amounts of pearl and jade.  At the end of the year he had created the pearl like dome that shielded the city.  Within he set about creating his palace.  The demesne he had used to help power his workings he now tied into the structure of his palace, creating the manse that would help power the rest of the city.  

    Only when the city itself was fully protected did he return to the surface.  He sailed back to his lands upon the islands of the west and he gathered those who had sworn themselves to him, as well as his Queen and returned to his underwater kingdom.  There he taught them to fish, harvest kelp and other under water plant life.  The first few years where a struggle as the people adapted to the life of living under water.  Within a couple of generations the magic of the Manse combined with efforts of a number of local sorcerers resulted in the children of Pearl being born with gills that would let them swim about their environment freely.  Yet even with the ability to breath the water, the area around the city was dark and dangerous.  Being so deep that little light reaches the depths.

    The King and Queen had no interest in the politics of the other Solars in the first age, and so they kept their little kingdom under the sea a secret.  Rumors of course reached the deliberative and while a few scouts where sent to scout and confirm it wasn't a threat, the deliberative let the couple enjoy their retirement in peace.  Over the century the city grew larger and its population increased.  The King created a series of crystal disks which he put suspended in the ocean below the waves, these crystal disks captured the sunlight of the sky above and enhanced it so that the light would reach both the city proper during daylight hours, but also provide light for the underwater kelp farms.  These disks turned what had once been a dark and dangerous world into a world of light and magic.

    Having fallen in love with their city, when the Usurpation happened and news of the deaths of all the other solars and retreat of the lunars happened, the King and Queen of the city decided that their lives where not worth the sacrifice of their city.  The knew that the Dragonblooded would not simply allow a solar and a lunar to remain in hiding.  As such by the fifth year of the Usurpation and with news of the fleets of the Dragonblooded nearing their home, they decided to make the ultimate sacrifice.  Leaving their city in the hands of the people they had brought with them, they emerged to the surface and set sail to confront the fleets of the Dragonblooded.
     Little else is known as to what happened when the confrontation happened, however Shogunate records indicate that the fleet returned home under the banner of success, although much smaller than when it had left.  The last gift of the King and Queen where two statues which where put to the right and left of the main entrance to the city, and a promise that in great times of need the city would not stand alone.

    The Dome (Sidebar)

    The dome that encases Pearl is was a huge undertaking, even in the first age.  It is the end result of a Solar level Sorcerous Working.  The dome itself is nearly indestructible, similar to an artifact and acts as both defense of the city but also its source of fresh air.  Within the dome is fresh air so that the citizens of the city have air to breath.  The dome wall itself filters oxygen out of the water and draws it inside the city, providing a constant source of air.  Unknown to those who reside within the dome today, the largest and most powerful part of the Working which created the Dome was that those born within the dome where born with stronger essences than average and thus had a higher tendancy to find essence manipulation easier. This results in a far greated number of Thaumaturges and Sorcerers among the mortal population than normal.

    The dome was constructed so that its base sinks through the silt and sand at its base all the way down to the bedrock to create a complete enclosure.  However three exits and entrances where created.  The first is where underwater vessels can make dock.  A massive airlock containing two doors.  The outer door opens and the airlock floods and any ship and sail into the airlock.  At which point the outer door seals and then the water is sucked out until only enough for the ship to rest upon remains.  Then the inner door opens and the ship can sail into the city's primary docks.  
    The second entrance appears more the formal entrance.  Two massive statues, each easily ten yards tall, stand to each side of a decorative door of black jade and orichalcum.  These doors stand only 7 yards tall and lead directly into the city proper.  The doors are enchanted so that even when open, water can not pass their threshold.  Those who swim across the threshold find themselves in air and must quickly find their feet under them lest they fall face first on to the street.  The statues are stylized after a couple of the city's heroes from the first age.  To the right is a statue of a man, wearing the formal robes of a sorcerer and carrying a massive stone staff that towered twelve yards high.  The tip of the staff has a huge crystal set into it.  This crystal can shine in times of need, either warning other cities of danger or providing a guiding light for those lost.  To the left of the door is the statue of a woman.  Powerful, beautiful and definitely deadly looking.  The woman was shown to be wearing light weight armor and carrying a spear in mirror of her partner.  On her back though was a quiver of a dozen shorter spears.  The statue is so beautifully designed that those who approach it find themselves the target of a twelve dice inspire attack against their resolve.  If successful, the attack results in a minor intimacy of Awe towards the statue.

    The final entrance to the dome actually leads into a smaller sub-dome.  On the northern wall of the dome a secondary dome was created.  Here is where the fishing fleets are housed along with store houses, drying yards, drydocks and everything necessary to keep the fishing and hunting fleets of Pearl operational.  Within the dome there is a crescent moon shaped docks, with the opening side facing the exit.  At the rear of these docks is where the city's fresh water comes from.  A tunnel from the smaller dome into the primary dome is capped with a black jade filter that extracts salt and any toxins from the water supply before letting the water into the primary dome to fill its water ways and pools.  This filter is guarded day and night by a squad of guards from the Palace.


    Following the death of the King and Queen

    Hundreds of yards below the waves of the surface of the ocean lies the first of three cities that make up the Kingdom of <insert here>.   The Capital city of Pearl got its name from the massive dome that encases the city proper.  The surface of the massive dome has been polished by centuries of waves rolling over it, so much so that it irridesces and shines almost like a pearl resting at the bottom of the ocean.  On the northern edge of the dome is a secondary dome.  Within this dome is the docks for the fleet of ships which travel out from the city each day to fish the waters around the city and gather kept and other resources from the area.  This secondary dome lacks the beauty and strength of the primary dome, having been added to the city long after the King had given his life to protect the city.  This secondary dome is a Celestial Sorcerous Working designed to protect the ships from the whims of the ocean even during the most violent of storms.  Short of the will of one of the Maidens, no natural phenomenon can damage the dome, no matter how violent the story or disaster.

    The Kingdom of Pearl - WIP Atlant10

    Almost as if hanging from the same necklace, dozens of pearl like bubbles float above and around the city.  These bubbles range in size from a large home to a small villiage worth of space, and are where citizens of pearl who do not wish to reside in the city proper make their homes.  Each of these smaller bubbles is a Terrestrial Sorcerous Working, which provents the bubbles from washing away in the tides of the ocean.  Unlike the main city, these farm houses and villas do not have fresh air provided for them, and so only natives who have gills can reside within them. In general it is the city's fishermen, kelp farmers, hunters and the like who tend to make their homes here.  

    Within the dome lies the city itself.  Dominating the center is the palace.  A beautiful structure made of white granite, blue crystal and golden inlay.  This is where the King and Queen made their home and where their children grew up.  The city is designed in cascading circles outwards, with waterways acting as streets between the rings.  The cityself was designed to be as beautiful as possible in honor of the Queen, so most of the buildings in the city proper where made with similar architecture to the manse, at least in outward appearance.  Passage between these rings is done via small boats or swimming along the waterways that connect the rings.  

    At night the city seems almost to glow from within.  All around the city, lamps capped with circular orbs of clear glass can be seen.  Within these orbs are fish which have been bred purely to provide light to the city.  Origionally the fish where a type of bioluminescent fish that resided with the coral reefs not too far from the city.  Having discovered that after eating the coral, their bodies glowed for a few hours the citizens of the city captured thousands of these fish and now use them to light their city.  Three times nightly a crew from the city moves around and opens the tanks and feeds the fish with the coral that makes them glow.  After hundreds of generations the fish have adapted and now glow much brighter and for longer periods than their natural cousins at the reef.

    The Palace
    Powerful water manse
    made of white granite, blue crystal and golden inlay

    Other Cities
    Two smaller cities have sworm allegiance to the capital.
    Culture and Customs
    Central at the palace
    Recent history
    Trade and Money
    Coinage cut from shells, hung on strings.  Pearls to represent larger amounts
    Kelp Farms
    Fishing Fleets
    Jade mine
    Oyster Farms, pearls
    Orichalcum mine – taken by dark dwellers hundreds of years ago

    Customer thaum ritual, using the shells of clams unique to the area (maybe from a demesne?  Or growing on a dead behemoth) that creates a unique effect

    Law and Crime
    Court system for smaller crimes, using civil service as punishment primarily.
    Three mystical judges which can force you to say the truth, at a cost.  Only used on major crimes (murder, rape) and state crimes.
    The Academy
    The Guardians (Sidebar)
    Sex and Mariage
    Gender Roles
    Political Marraiges
    Same sex marriages
    The Military
    Standing Army
    mandatory military service or academy service, 2 years education, 2 years service
    Upon completion of service, they are granted a bonus based on merit.  If they persue politics, government service, military service or city service they are given higher rank based on service
    King's Guard

    Relationships with Others
    The Fair Folk
    Trade surface prisoners for gossamer and for guards
    Water Elemental Courts
    House names: Taiyō , Nami, Kaiyō, Harikēn, Tatsumaki, Arashi, Tsuki

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