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    Transcendent Rarities (single-player org)


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    Transcendent Rarities (single-player org) Empty Transcendent Rarities (single-player org)

    Post by Mysteris on Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:52 pm

    Organization Name: Transcendent Rarities
    Player Leader: Transcendent Enchantress
    What it is: A store that offers rare and exotic goods for sale.

    Transcendent Rarities is set aboard a lovely cruiser that is spacious and accomodating. The main deck contains sails, as well as large, retractable silk awnings to shield passengers from harsh daylight and winds. The ship is routintely painted and polished, set with gold and pearl inlays all along its main deck. A fanciful pink pearl mermaid is set upon the prow. Attendants in livery of silk and gossamer offer refreshments and guide prospective customers downstairs to the actual store.

    The store occupies three decks mid-ships. There one will be treated to the sight of exotic fish in aquariums of enchanted, temperature-modulated glass. An expansive laboratory contains alchemical reagents, rare books, and sorcerous tools, neatly sorted and marked behind the tamper-proof casings. One whole deck contains rack after rack of clothing, forged of silk and gossamer. The third deck contains fine Wyld-forged weapons and armor, and even raw gossamer kept in specialized cases. The decks are lit by multicolored smokeless flames kept in tinted glass spheres. Some doors are clearly marked, where Wyld prodigies are kept in special containment. Attendants pass through these areas, showing off one marvel after another, and eager to assist in closing a sale.

    Transcendent Enchantress herself maintains an office on the ship where sales are finalized by her or by a trusted clerk in her place. The bottom decks of the ship and the cargo holds are clearly marked off-limits and have armed guards to prevent the curious from snooping.

    Enchantress's Offerings (for silver or jade; a non-exhaustive list, prone to seasonal change)

    Sorcerous and alchemical reagents
    Rare books
    Gossamer (raw)
    Gossamer products (including but not limited to clothing, weapons, and armor)
    Wyld prodigies (creatures imported from the Wyld)
    Fine clothes of rare silk
    Special orders are considered on request
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    Post by Pattern Spider on Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:52 pm

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