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    The Flaming Salmon [Single-Player]


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    The Flaming Salmon [Single-Player] Empty The Flaming Salmon [Single-Player]

    Post by Greenling on Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:11 pm

    Organization Name: The Flaming Salmon
    Player Leader: Shining Swordfish (NPC)
    What it is: Sick of your plain ol' broiled or fried fish? Come down to the Flaming Salmon, our chefs serve specialties from all across Creation! You'll forget what you're even eating with Flaming Salmon fish! And damn good company, too.

    The Flaming Salmon is a popular Denzik ship run by a native Water Aspect named Shining Swordfish, his wife Izelle Swordfish, and his co-chef Konbu. Shining Swordfish is a gregarious, passionate, gangly 6'5" Tya with deep blue hair that always looks wet, elaborate facial tattoos, and shining fish scales that may or may not also be tattoos. (He changes the explanation based on what's more interesting at the time.) His wife, Izelle, is similarly friendly though much less loud; she primarily supervises the lesser staff, though the ice cream was also her idea. Konbu is a temperamental artiste with a love-hate relationship with both Shine and the clientele.

    The ship itself is originally of Wavecrest make, belonging to Swordfish's grandmother, also an Outcaste Water Aspect. Its main room is spacious, with high ceilings hung with trophies and woven tapestries depicting Wavecrestian history and legends. Hardwood tables sprawl out onto the deck. A large display case shows the more interesting catches-of-the-day available, which will routinely show specialty fish from the latest port of call and occasionally a small rogue sea monster.

    Food Offerings:
    - Sushi of all kinds, including nigirizushi (fish-on-rice type), uramaki (little American rolls), chiharizushi, temaki, fried rolls, sea animals made out of sushi rice and seafood...
    - Spicy fish stew, fish ball soup, other spicy, sour, and savory fish stews
    - Thick noodles and fish, rice noodles and fish, plain noodles and fish, buckwheat noodles and fish, noodles and fish flavored to taste like other things, noodles and tofu, fried noodles and spicy squid
    - Pork-flavored-fish, sardine, tofu, duck, and veggie sandwiches
    - Fish, clam, duck, and squid curries
    - Fish and oyster pie
    - A dozen different clam broth-based cocktails, alcoholic and otherwise
    - Ice cream! Try the ginger flavor!

    Non-food offerings:
    - Catering service
    - Private rooms
    - Exotic and luxury food trade

    Note: Once established, NPCs are intended to be available to other STs and PCs are welcome to seek employment. Just ask!
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    Post by Pattern Spider on Sat Oct 15, 2016 9:16 am

    Enjoy your approved business!

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