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    Harbinger of Light Empty Harbinger of Light

    Post by Athena on Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:19 pm

    Name: Harbinger Of Light
    Caste: Twilight
    Gender: Trans man
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Green
    Age: 25

    Strength 2
    Dexterity 4
    Stamina 3

    Charisma 2
    Manipulation 3
    Appearance 2

    Perception 4
    Intellect 4
    Wits 3


    Caste: Awareness 3
    Caste: Investigation 5
    Caste: Linguistics 3
    Caste: Lore 1 (History)
    Caste: Medicine 1

    Favoured: Athletics 5
    Favoured: Brawl 2
    Favoured: Dodge 2
    Favoured: Melee 5
    Favoured: Presence 1

    Resistance 1
    Socialize 2

    Willpower 5
    Essence 1


    Investigation: Watchman’s Infallible Eye, Inquisitor’s Unfailing Notice, Crafty Observation Method, Irresistible Questioning Technique, Judge’s Ear Technique, Divine Induction Technique

    Melee: Excellent Strike, Guard-Breaking Technique, Peony Blossom Technique, Dipping Swallow Defense, Solar Counterattack

    Dodge: Reed In The Wind

    Athletics: Monkey Leap Technique, Lightning Speed

    Resistance: Ox-Body Technique


    The Prey Shall Never Escape! (Major)
    I love duels (Minor)
    Unnecessary Death Spoils Life (Defining)

    Tie: My dearest Companion, Jakar (Major)
    My friend, my ally, my guardian... is gone... (Major)
    Merits:  Contacts 4 (Various Guards posts across the land, from working with them), Danger Sense (3), Eidetic Memory (2), Ally 1
    Equipment: Straight Sword

    Backstory: Growing up as a child of the royal family of a small nation in the East, Harbinger was raised to be the perfect princess, a fine lady. But from the beginning, he knew that wasn’t going to be for him. It felt so restrictive, and just plain wrong. Even the idea of being a “tomboy” felt wrong. At around 15, he knew that he was really a boy, on the inside. The only person he felt comfortable telling was the Royal Alchemist, a kindly old man who Harbinger got along with very well. The royal alchemist soon began to develop a potion to help masculinize Harbinger. Unfortunately, right around that time, Harbinger was arranged to be married. Thus, him and the Alchemist plotted and succeeded at an escape, then began traveling around the East, looking for ways to make money. Harbinger found that he was good at solving murders and other crimes, and began work as an investigator. The Alchemist sold his wares, and together the two of them made a decent living.

    When Harbinger was about 23, he experienced the case that changed his life forever. He was in a large city, the capital of his former kingdom, in fact. There was a long series of murders of aristocrats, and no one knew who could do it. After some investigation and logical conclusions, Harbinger solved the case, realizing that the first “victim”, who had gone missing and never found, was in fact the killer. He also realized that she had been Exalted as a Lunar, and he would have stood no chance had he not Exalted himself, as a Solar, when he solved the case. He hunted her down, and fought her. The duel lasted 10 minutes, and ended with the Lunar’s death, but left Harbinger horribly wounded. The Alchemist found him, but was unable to treat him, due to his lack of skill in medicine itself. Instead, he took him to a local doctor, named Jakar. Jakar treated his wounds.  During his healing time, he took the name “Harbinger of Light”. Soon, the group of two travelers became a group of 3. Unfortunately, soon after, the Alchemist died, leaving behind a few years’ stock of the masculinizing potion Harbinger had been using for years.

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    Harbinger of Light Empty Re: Harbinger of Light

    Post by Pattern Spider on Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:04 am

    Two notes.

    1. You need a second tie. I imagine fond memories of the man who helped Harbinger would be one of them.

    2. Your back story mentioned that your character exalts at twenty-three. The age stated says 21, meaning his exaltation is some two years from now.
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    Harbinger of Light Empty Re: Harbinger of Light

    Post by Pattern Spider on Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:55 pm

    Good news, everyone! Harbinger of Light is approved!

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