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    Omen of Peace (WIP)


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    Omen of Peace (WIP) Empty Omen of Peace (WIP)

    Post by Greenling on Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:30 pm

    Name: Jia Sepos, the Omen of Peace (or just "Peace")
    Type: Solar
    Caste: Zenith
    Anima: A spinning rising sun of stylized Old Realm characters in every shade of yellow and gold, lines spelling out tales of what is and what could be.
    EXP: 0 / 0 Solar: 0 / 0

    Defining: Principle: People are friends, not food, Tie: Belseraph (anger/sadness; father)

    Major: Tie: New stories (fascination), Principle: Love fuels the world, Tie: Slavery (disgust)

    Minor: Tie: New people (fascination), Tie: (daiklaive)(respect/curiosity), Tie: Red meat (queasiness)


    STR 3 CHA 5 PER 2
    DEX 5 MAN 1 INT 3
    STA 3 APP 3 WIT 2

    Athletics 3
    Integrity 3
    Lore 5
    Performance 3
    Presence 3

    Brawl 1
    Dodge 2
    Melee 3
    Occult 2
    Socialize 1

    Awareness 2
    Linguistics 1
    Resistance 1

    Lore: Legends of Great Heroes and Terrible Evil
    Lore: Peoples of the West
    Lore: History of the West
    Occult: Creatures of the Wyld


    Ox-Body Technique
    Sensory Acuity Prana
    Spirit-Detecting Glance
    Call the Blade
    Summoning the Loyal Steel
    Excellent Strike
    Harmonious Presence Meditation
    Masterful Performance Exercise
    Perfect Harmony Technique
    Harmonious Academic Methodology
    Bottomless Wellspring Approach
    Lore-Inducing Concentration
    Truth-Rendering Gaze
    Hundred Sages Focus
    All-Knowing Enlightened Sovereign
    Integrity-Protecting Prana
    Wyld-Dispelling Prana
    Order-Affirming Blow


    Artifact 5
    Horns 4
    Language 1
    Strong Lungs 1

    Essence 1 Personal 13/13 Peripheral ??/33 (?? - Artifact)
    Willpower [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
    Limit 0/10



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