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    Ayame Sirengale, the Winged Songstress


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    Ayame Sirengale, the Winged Songstress Empty Ayame Sirengale, the Winged Songstress

    Post by Stormer on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:46 pm

    Here be her Sheet.

    Name: Ayame Sirengale (Birth Name: Iris Aurion)
    Concept: Winged former princess and skilled singer.
    Caste:  Zenith
    Limit Trigger: Running away like a coward from a fight that she very well could win.
    Anima: A swirling wind of feathers and musical notes, with a white falcon circling around her.
    Intimacies: "I will uphold the promise I made to be brave regardless of my status, even if I'm shunned for my wings..." (Defining), the currently-unknown cause of her home kingdom's ruin (Major, Negative), her home kingdom of Illyria (Major, Positive) a family heirloom bracelet that she wears on her right wrist (Positive, Minor).

    About Ayame:
    So here's a girl who's world got all twisted, leavin' her stranded on a rock in the sky...

    This girl was a princess descended from the People of the Air, been born with some pretty lil' wings after it skipped a generation with her parents, a King and Queen who ruled a small place called Illyria. The King and Queen were scared of how people might've acted on seein her wings and kept her cooped up in their palace for most of her life, but they still loved her all the same. She was their little angel and next in line for the throne, spending her days singin songs with that fine voice she had, and learnin bout Creation from books.

    One day when she was about 18 years old though, a big 'ol calamity hit that little kingdom and wrecked the whole place. Everything was rumbling and shakin' like a scared little Windbag, and it was like the end of days had come for 'em all. Girl ran outta her palace when her parents told her to, scared outta her mind but with a determination to live another day. She ended up using those white wings on her back to try and save as many people as she could along the way, just to fall out of a window, tumbling to her doom...

    Naw, I'm just foolin'.

    She got outta there alive with a few other people as the whole kingdom turned to rubble, but her parents...they didn't make it. Girl found 'em lying there at death's door in the ruin of what used to be her home, with no time to lose. In their dyin' breaths, they made her promise to be a brave young woman no matter what, even if people ran from her 'cause of those wings she had. And she said yes. As the king and queen's eyes closed for the last time, they got to see a glimpse of her gettin Exalted for her bravery during the Calamity, and receivin powers beyond her wildest dreams. Girl's parents went to that big castle in the sky knowin their girl would do em proud, and so her tale as a Solar Exalted began.

    Soon after that, after gathering up as many supplies as she could from the ruins and havin a run-in with some evil sorcerer who let her be able to hide her wings at a price, girl's gone up to an island floating 'bout the clouds, her heart heavy with grief but fulla drive to excel like her folks wanted her to. Now she's joined some people callin' themselves the Solarium, but even I can't say what happens to her next in this tale of gods among men...


    Bonus Point Usage:

    Merit - Martial Arts: Silver-Voiced Nightingale Style (4)
    Merit - Danger Sense (3)
    Merit - Cult 1 (1)
    Charm - Terrifying Battle Shriek (5)
    Ability - Performance 5 (2)

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    Ayame Sirengale, the Winged Songstress Empty Re: Ayame Sirengale, the Winged Songstress

    Post by Pattern Spider on Mon Oct 10, 2016 6:33 pm

    Approved! Though I highly recommend that you move the doc to GDocs. You don't have to, but I recommend it.

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