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    Aho'Hako Makua - Solar Empty Aho'Hako Makua - Solar

    Post by AuriusVorayn on Thu Sep 01, 2016 3:08 pm

    Name: Aho'Hako Makua (goes by Hako for short)
    Type: Solar
    Caste: Twilight
    Anima:  Books swirling in a vortex with lightning arcing between them as the pages flip and flutter wildly
    Concept: Storm Herald

    Back Story
        In a small fishing village in the coral archipelago, The storm herald was born.  If any had been able to see the stars that night... they would have been highly auspicious.  However a massive thunderstorm had rolled into the village out of nowhere.  Everyone hid within their huts trying to weather the storm.  The howling only got worse with each passing minute, and some swore that it was more than just the wind howling that night.  Moments after his birth, the door to their hut was ripped from its reinforcements and lost into the darkness.  Hako's father stood up and immediately began working to try to secure their domicile from the elements, but when he got to the open doorway, he looked up and just stood there, unmoving.  His mother heard a low, dark, sinister laugh coming from outside, and saw two eyes peering in from the darkness, though she would never tell a soul of it.  In a matter of heartbeats, Hako's father was ripped from where he stood out into the storm, and his father's screams of pure horror continued to haunt his mother for years to come.  

        Things looked grim for the mother and child as the darkness, wind and rain began to creep in through the open doorway.   Suddenly the lightning flashed exceptionally brightly and thunder crashed and rolled for what seemed like minutes.  And as quickly as it had beset their village, the storm had faded.  In the morning, the villagers came out and found that while some of the damage was fairly extensive, ultimately, it sounded much worse than it really was.  Though perhaps if it had continued, then it might have continued its swath of destruction til nothing was left standing.

        Not having a father to raise him, Hako found several men to look up to amongst the village, though none more than the village shaman.  He had arrived in the village shortly after the storm and helped tend to the wounded and entreated the spirits of the area to be merciful to the villagers as they had already suffered a great deal.  The shaman's stories and accounts of the world at large that he had seen easily instilled a sense of wanderlust in the impressionable youth.  On the day of his 10th Birthday, the shaman gave Hako a strange amulet and told him to wear it on his person always.  Young Hako did not understand, but agreed out of respect and as a show of his appreciation for the strange, yet oddly comforting gift.  

        During the calibration after his 10th birthday, the storms returned, and this time, they did not stop until the village lay in ruins.  Hako was sitting in the shamans hut at the time, on the inland edge of the village.  He and the shaman were drinking tea and talking about all manner of occult matters when the storm hit.  The shaman convinced the young boy to sit down, stay calm, and eat some fish, trying to reassure him that everything would be alright.  Unbeknownst to Hako, the shaman had poisoned the fish with a powerful paralytic, that at the right dosage would make someone appear dead, though they actually retained their conscious faculties.  The storm rampaged through the village, but this time, nothing stopped it from running its course.  Hako laid their helpless to do anything as he watched the shaman and his hut be swept away into the howling darkness by the rain and winds.

        After the poison had run its course, Hako finally managed to bring himself to his feet and survey the scene.  The destruction was beyond measure.  Every building was reduced to splinters, every boat was nothing more than flotsam.  He fell to his knees and wept for some time.  After eventually regaining his composure, he started picking through the devastation for supplies and any food or potable water he could find.  With scant more than a day's ration of food and water, he began the long trek across the island, to where he had heard of another camp being located.  The journey was arduous, and he was near death from dehydration and starvation when he arrived at the other settlement.  To his horror, he found this village to was utterly destroyed.  He walked into the middle of what was once the village, and collapsed, surrendering into unconsciousness.

        He awoke to a sharp sting in his back as a whip cracked and he found himself chained to an oar on a slave ship.  The ensuing weeks were difficult and he often wished the slavers had left him to die there on his island, but something within him refused to allow him dwell there long.  When the slave ship docked at land, he was taken out to be sold at auction with the others.  He ended up being sold to a stone quarry on an island in the Wavecrest Archipelago.  While he lacked the physical strength for such a demanding task, he quickly made himself much more valuable by his natural skill with stone working.  This got him moved from the mines, and eventually he was sold again to work as an apprentice to a local architect.  
        His new master was much nicer, and more accommodating than his previous ones, and Hako grew to become part of the family as it were, after forging a strong friendship with the architects son of a similar age.  After working nearing a decade, Hako had finally earned his freedom, and with it, a decent cache of money with which he decided to travel.
        He used the money he had saved to purchase the services of a local captain of a small but agile skiff.  From there, Hako set sail to return to his homelands, and finally pursue that which had bugged him so badly for so long.  He sought to find the cause or reason behind the storms that eradicated all life on his island.  He sailed to the neck and met with many of the other local tribal elders, shaman, and wisemen.  After weeks of inquiry, however, all he found was that the cause of those storms were entirely unnatural, and were not caused by any local gods or terrestrial forces.

       Before he decided to give up and leave, he traveled back to the island of his birth to investigate in person.  As his skiff circled the island, another freak storm came up out of nowhere, but this time, he was not caught unawares.  He started to see the signs early, and was attempting to calculate its source when the storm hit his ship with full force.  In that moment, the Unconquered sun imbued him with a fraction of his power, and he truly became the storm herald as he is known today.  Though he could not control the storm, his enlightened essence and knowledge helped him to survive it.  His shipmates and ship were far less fortunate, and he once again found himself stranded on this island alone.
        As he worked to build himself a makeshift ship from debris and resources he found on the island, a strange boat with an even stranger crew sailed up to the shore.  These... otherworldly visitors could be only one thing....The Fair Folk.  As he prepared for the worst, things finally took a turn for the better.  The Fae in question told Hako that he had been searching for him for millennia.  The Herald's previous incarnation had created him an age ago and tasked him with the tutelage of his next incarnation, should he ever perish.  This Fae, known as Thousand Dreams Mirrored, took Hako into the wyld with him, where he would train him in ancient and forgotten lore, sorcery, and varying forms of craftsmanship.  

        It is unknown exactly how long he dwelled there, as time, like so many things within the wyld, can sometimes be distorted in comparison to the rules that govern creation.  Now being fully equipped with a wide array of knowledge, and a strange gemstone imbued with untold power known as the Effulgent Protoshinmaic Crucible, the Storm Herald returned once again to creation, and much like before, tracking down the next large and unnatural storm to strike creation.  This time, it was headed for the denzik city ship, and being forewarned, he wanted to make sure that they knew what was coming ahead of time, so that they could prepare.  He wanted to avert another unnatural disaster if at all possible.

    Str  2| Dex 5| Sta 2
    Chr 1| Man 3| App 3
    Per 1| Int 5  | Wits 5

    Parry - 3 | Dodge - 3 | Resolve - 5 | Guile - 2

    Athletics 1
    Awareness 1
    F - Brawl 1
    F - Bureaucracy 1
    F - Dodge 1
    C - Integrity 5
    C - Investigation 1
    S - Lore 5
    C - Occult 5
    F - Resistance 1
    F - Sail 1
    Socialize 1
    C - Crafts
      - Shipwright - 5
      - Architecture - 5
      - Geomancy - 5

    Lore - Weather Patterns
    Lore - Mathematics
    Lore - First Age Artifice
    Lore - First Age Manses


    5 - Artifact 5 - Effulgent Adamant Prism(currently acting as Glory Sphere Greater Solar Hearthstone
    3 - Mentor (Thousand Dreams Mirrored)
    4 - Miracles of Shadows and Chaos
    Language 1 - Old Realm

    Harmonious Academic Methodology
    Bottomless Wellspring Approach
    Lore-Inducing Concentration
    Truth-Rendering Gaze
    Heaven-Turning Calculations
    Prophet of Seventeen Cycles
    God-King's Shrike
    Sacred Relic Understanding
    Wake the Sleeper
    Arete Shifting Prana
    Durability Enhancing Technique
    Crack Mending Technique
    Flawless Handiwork Method
    Craftsman Needs No Tools
    Terrestrial Circle Sorcery (Stormwind Rider)
    --Stormwind Rider - Enduring Tempest
    --Stormwind Rider - Zephyr Rush

    Bonus Point expenditures
    Bonus points 15
    craft 3->5 - 2
    Sail 3->5 - 2
    Lore 3->5 - 2
    Occult 3->5 - 2
    Craft 3->5 - 2
    craft 3->5 - 2
    Mentor 0->3 - 3

    Limit Trigger: When an Innocent is harmed as a direct result of my actions.

    Defining - "It is my Destiny to become The Storm Lord, master of waves and weather."
    Defining - "Only Through one's Labor or Craft can one reach for divinity"
    Major - "I will bring about the restoration of the glory of the first age and solar rule to this now diminished creation."
    Minor - "The ends justify the means"

    Major - Desire- Secrets of the First Age
    Major - Hatred - Slavery
    Major - Anger - The unnatural storm being
    Minor - Respect - Other Craftsmen
    Minor - Distrust- The Realm

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    Aho'Hako Makua - Solar Empty Re: Aho'Hako Makua - Solar

    Post by Pattern Spider on Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:07 pm

    This is very beautifully written, but I would like two things:

    1. Effulgent Protoshinmaic Crucible needs renaming. Protoshinma and the shinma are not currently involved in the game and I really do not want to deal with the shinma before Ex3 does, if it ever does.

    2. Please explain briefly what the Effulgent Protoshinmaic Crucible actually does. I know we do not currently have a policy for custom items, but I would like in your words its usage.

    When this is satisfied, I will look over your sheet again.
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    Pattern Spider

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    Aho'Hako Makua - Solar Empty Re: Aho'Hako Makua - Solar

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    Your sheet is now APPROVED!

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