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    Guidelines for PROs

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    Guidelines for PROs Empty Guidelines for PROs

    Post by Pattern Spider on Sat Aug 20, 2016 3:25 pm

    When creating your player-run organization, please do the following:

    Name your topic after the store and if it is a [Single-Player] org or a [Multi-Player] org.

    Applications in the textbox area can follow this form:

    Organization Name:
    Player Leader: (If multi-player)
    What it is: (Short description, like 'Clothier Shop' or 'short-order restaurant')

    Long description, describing what the building or ship it is in looks like, the interior or countryside and various features, as well as what it does and any special details. The information here will NOT be considered public knowledge to player-characters without good reason.

    If it is a store or offers some sort of trade goods, list what it offers (or what it takes in trade) here, in bullet point form.

    If you need help, please ask the staff! With complex orgs or player-run kingdoms, staff will work with you to help build it and set up various things like a special forum and Discord channel only your org can see!


    Name: Grigori's Glass Scop
    Leader: Grigori Green (NPC)
    What: Glassworks shop

    A surprisingly clean area on a scop. Atop the ship is a set-off and sheltered area containing a reception area for customers to walk in and a clerk. Belowdeck contains a simple and mundane workshop with a kiln, small anvil and tools needed for various glass implements ranging from dishes, bottles to oculars like telescopes or glasses, as well as protective gear.

    Grigori's offers for silver or cowry:
    - Cups, stemware
    - Decorative glass
    - Bottles
    - Telescopes
    - Magnifying glasses
    - ocular glasses
    - mirrors
    - Special orders (such as the mirrors and lenses needed to make orichalcum.)

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