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    Blackhand (WIP)


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    Blackhand (WIP) Empty Blackhand (WIP)

    Post by DawnEnvy on Fri Jan 06, 2017 2:52 am

    Blackhand (WIP) Blackh10

    Name: Blackhand
    Caste: Dawn
    Supernal: Melee

    Sex: Female
    Age: 35
    Concept: Would-be conqueror
    Anima: A large shield made of black iron and molten rock


    I am worthy. (Defining)
    I will not yield to the unworthy. (Major)

    Fortitude (A sense of ownership, Defining)
    Her men (Pride, Major)
    Ever Burning Furnace (Accomplishment and worthiness, Major)
    Those who stand against her (Pity, Minor)

    Strength: 4
    Dexterity: 4
    Stamina: 3

    Charisma: 2
    Manipulation: 1
    Appearance: 4

    Perception: 2
    Intelligence: 3
    Wits: 4

    *Athletics: 4
    *Awareness: 3
    *Brawl: 1
    *Dodge: 2
    *Integrity: 3
    Linguistics: 1
    *Melee: 5
    Presence: 2
    *Resistance: 4
    Ride: 1
    Socialize: 1
    Stealth: 1
    *Survival: 1
    *War: 4

    Melee (Brutal swings)
    War (Leading by example)
    Athletics (Showing off)
    Presence (Intimidating)

    Artifact: Ever Burning Furnace (3)
    Mighty Thews (3)
    Pain Tolerance (4)
    Follower: Blackhand Gang (2)
    Resources (2)
    Retainer: Quartermaster (2)

    Essence: 1

    Personal: 13
    Peripheral: 28
    Committed: 5

    Willpower: 7

    Health Levels
    1x -0
    3x -1
    4x -1
    1x -3


    Excellencies: Athletics, Awareness, Brawl, Dodge, Integrity, Melee, Presence, Resistance, Survival, War

    Monkey Leap technique (pg 261 core)
    Increasing Strength Exercise (pg 262 core)

    Excellent Strike (pg 346 core)
    Fire and Stones Strike (pg 346 core)
    One Weapon, Two Blows (pg 346 core)
    Dipping Swallow Defense (pg 346 core)
    Bulwark Stance (pg 346 core)
    Rising Sun Slash (pg 347 core)

    Tiger's Dread Symmetry (pg 370 core)

    Durability of Oak Meditation (pg 374 core)
    Spirit Strengthens The Skin (pg 374 core)
    Ox Body Technique (pg 375 core)

    War God Descendant (pg 419 core)
    League of Iron Preparation (pg 420 core)
    Ideal Battle Knowledge Prana (pg 421 core)


    Ever Burning Furnace (Red/White Jade Grand Goremaul)
    (Acc +1 (10/11) Dam +14 (18B) Def +0 (5) OW 5)
    Bashing, Melee, Smashing, Reaching, Two-handed

    Reinforced Buff Jacket
    (Silent, Soak +5, Hardness 0, Mobility -1, Attunement NA)

    Soak: 3 Natural/8 Armored

    Character Creation Notes
    6 BP on Merits
    5 BP on Abilities
    4 BP on Willpower

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    Blackhand (WIP) Empty Re: Blackhand (WIP)

    Post by DawnEnvy on Fri Jan 06, 2017 3:46 am

    Born and raised in the harsh "city" of Fortitude, the girl that would become Blackhand started life as the daughter of one of the many gang bosses of the former prison fortress. Where only the strong survive and the strongest can take power, she learned quickly to be ambitious and larger than life. So much so that she was able to inherit her father's gang boss title without anyone batting an eye. She earned it. It was she that led small groups of her father's men into skirmishes with many of the other gangs. It was she that always would spearhead the assault, beating many others senseless.

    But just having some men at her disposal was not enough for her ambitions. She wanted to take control of Fortitude and perhaps some of the surrounding areas. And to do that, she needed personal power. So she sought an old tale about a hammer in the tunnels under Fortitude that was not just a hammer, but a furnace that never grew cold no matter how long it burned. Confident in her ability to wield such an object, she took to the tunnels in search of it. It took three weeks of going in and out of the tunnels, multiple expeditions, before she came across the cavern holding the Ever Burning Furnace. She reached for the hammer, but whispers claiming she was unworthy assaulted her ears as her hand was burnt touching the hilt. Frustrated mounted, but that was interrupted by a rival gang showing up.

    She hadn't been very discreet going into the tunnels, it was a matter of time before someone would get curious... Or want to ambush her. And this was definitely the latter. Out-numbered 3-to-1, she had to come up with a plan. But she was still frustrated at the hammer that refused to be used by her. So she decided to force it. Taking the hammer in hand, despite the horrendous burning, she waved it around ferociously. It was heavy, so it practically threw her across the cavern as she swung it. It was after she smashed the first one's face in, that the hammer started feeling lighter and the pain receded. There harsh light glaring off the cavern walls and it took her a moment to realize where it was coming from. It was coming off of her. Her men in awe, her foes terrified and she looked down at the Ever Burning Furnace; it was impressed. She could feel the approval, she could sense being declared worthy.

    Her hand, though, was still horrifically burnt. To remember what had happened forever, she had a black gauntlet made that she wears on her right hand almost all the time. Thus, she has gained the name "Blackhand".
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    Blackhand (WIP) Empty Re: Blackhand (WIP)

    Post by Pattern Spider on Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:56 pm

    Looks finished and APPROVED to me!

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