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    Kyla Storm-Tossed Empty Kyla Storm-Tossed

    Post by Vixie on Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:02 pm

    Name: Kyla Storm-Tossed
    Caste: Twilight

    Sex: Female
    Apparent Age: 20-ish
    Actual Age: 25
    Concept: Fire sorceress of a loosely-organzied sect devoted to cleansing creatures of darkness from Creation and punishing rogue spirits, keeping a coterie of servant creatures and spirits to hunt the darkness.  
    Anima: Evening red and violet fire golem

    Kyla Storm-Tossed Tumblr_n6kr46lzGw1tyj1abo1_1280

    Resolve (Wits + Integrity + Specialty)/2 = 3
    Guile (Manipulation + Socialize + Specialty)/2 = 2
    Evasion (Dexterity + Dodge)/2 = 3
    Parry (Dexterity  + Brawl + Specialty )/2 + Defense = 2


    Strength: 2
    Dexterity: 4
    Stamina: 3

    Charisma: 3
    Manipulation: 2
    Appearance: 4

    Perception: 3
    Intelligence: 5
    Wits: 4


    Athletics: 2
    ^Awareness: 3
    ^Dodge: 3
    *Integrity: 1
    *Investigation: 1
    *Lore: 1  (Spirits)
    *Medicine: 3
    **Occult: 5
    Presence: 3
    ^Resistance: 2
    Ride: 2
    Socialize: 1
    ^Survival: 4
    ^Thrown: 3

    Occult: Spirit Binding
    Occult: Fire
    Survival: Animal husbandry
    Lore: Mathematics

    -Languages Known-
    Seatongue (Native)


    • Familiar (1) - cat (Elf)
      Kyla Storm-Tossed ?url=http%3A%2F%2Fs3.amazonaws.com%2Fassets.prod.vetstreet.com%2F16%2F9347e0a33511e087a80050568d634f%2Ffile%2FSiamese-3-645mk062211

      Essence: 1; Willpower: 4; Join Battle: 4 dice
      Health Levels: -0/-1/-2/-4/Incap.

      Actions: Climbing and Jumping: 7 dice; Senses: 7 dice (see Night Vision); Stealth: 8 dice (see Tiny Creature); Wriggle Through Small Spaces: 7 dice
      Resolve 2, Guile 2
      Combat Attack (Bite): 4 dice (4). Damage increases to 12 against enemies of the cat’s size or smaller. Attack (Claw): 6 dice (2). Damage increases to 8 against enemies of the cat’s size or smaller. Attack (Grapple): 4 dice (5 dice to control). Cats can only grapple enemies of their size or smaller. They cannot throw/slam grappled enemies.
      Combat Movement: 7 dice
      Evasion 1, Parry 1 (see Tiny Creature) Soak/Hardness: 2/0

      Special Attacks

      • Ambush Hunter: The cat adds three dice on all attack rolls made from stealth.
      • Batting Paws: Whenever the cat makes a decisive savaging attack against a clinched enemy, it uses its rear paws to bat at it and snap its neck, adding +5 to the raw damage of the attack.
        Leaping Pounce: If a cat moves into close range with an enemy of the same size or smaller and deals 5+ damage to it with a withering attack on the same turn, it may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a clinch attack against its prey.
      • Stalking Shadow Hunter (Latent): When the cat makes a withering attack from stealth against a larger enemy, it uses the higher of the two damage ratings for its attacks. This does not allow it to grapple larger characters.
      • Underfoot Menace (Latent): The cat treats any attack it makes against a larger enemy as being made from stealth for the purposes of its Ambush Hunter and Leaping Pounce special attacks.


      • Keen Hearing: Cats double 9s on hearing-based Perception rolls.
      • Lands on its Feet: Cats apply the double 8s rule on all balance checks. When a cat suffers falling damage, it ignores all dice of damage associated with the fall, and converts automatic levels of damage from the fall to dice that must be rolled.
      • Night Vision: Cats can see in dim conditions as though they were in broad daylight, and reduce the difficulty of Perception-based checks made in deeper darkness by one.
      • Tiny Creature: Cats add +2 Evasion against any attack made by a larger foe. In addition, larger characters subtract two successes from any Awareness-based roll made to notice it.

    • Familiar (3) - godbood wolf (Ezra)
    • Familiar (3) - godblood wolf (Aphrael)  
      Kyla Storm-Tossed E127cc9905c41f9ffb24baefc947aa0d

      Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice
      Health Levels: -0x2/-1x5/-2x5/-4/Incap.

      Speed bonus: 3

      Actions: Intimidate: 6 dice; Senses: 9 dice (see Keen Nose); Stealth: 4 dice; Tracking: 9 dice (see Keen Nose)
      Resolve 3, Guile 3
      Combat Attack (Bite): 12 dice (Damage 12) Attack (Grapple): 8 dice (7 dice to control)
      Combat Movement: 10 dice
      Evasion 5, Parry 4 Soak/Hardness: 10/6

      Special Attacks

      • Harry: Biting at the heels of its prey, the canine denies it the chance to flee. On the turn that a hound or wolf moves into close range of an enemy, if it deals 5+ damage to them with a withering attack, that enemy cannot disengage or withdraw on their next turn.
      • Pack Hunting: When the wolf attacks an enemy, it adds one automatic success to the attack roll for each allied pack member in close range to that enemy, to a maximum of three successes. On a decisive attack, it may also pay a point of Willpower to add that many dice to the raw damage of the attack, representing its packmates joining in the attack. Ordinarily, this special attack can only be used with other canine allies. Using it in conjunction with human allies is a latent ability that can be developed through training.
      • Hold at Bay (Latent): After successfully impeding a foe’s movement with its harry attack, the canine may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively attempt to grapple them, converting extra successes on the attack roll to bonus dice on the control roll. The hound can only restrain or savage an enemy clinched this way—it cannot throw, slam, or drag them.
      • Throat-Ripping Execution (Magical, 3m): Predators that rely on clinches can gain this power, allowing their master to pay three motes to add the number of rounds of control the animal has over a grapple to the raw damage of a decisive savaging attack against that enemy, and allow that attack to ignore hardness. Once per scene unless reset by crashing a grappled enemy.
      • Snarling Guardian Attack (Latent): Whenever an enemy attacks the wolf’s master while it is protecting him with a defend other action, the animal may respond with a decisive counterattack. It may use this counterattack to make a disarm or distract gambit.
      • Foe-Maiming Guardian’s Fangs (Magical, 1m): Whenever the canine makes a decisive bite attack against an enemy who has attacked or threatened its master, the Exalt may pay one mote to apply the double 10s rule to the damage roll. If he is currently suffering any wound penalties due to a confrontation involving that enemy, then his wound penalties are added as bonus dice to the hound’s attack roll.  
      • Unerring God-Hound Scent (Magical, 5m): Animals with the Keen Nose Merit can gain this power, letting their master pay five motes to magnify their senses a thousandfold for a Perception-based roll. Each 10 rolled grants three successes, and 1s are rerolled until they no longer appear. This can oppose even perfect track-covering magic.


      • Giant Size: Grants an extra -0 health level.
      • Keen Nose: Wolves apply the double 9s rule on Perception-based rolls made using scent.
      • Loyal Guardian (Latent): The wolf may flurry a defend other action with any other action without suffering the usual penalties of a flurry.
      • Heroic Guardian-Beast Resilience (Magical): Throwing itself between its master and an attack, the hound’s loyalty diverts a fatal blow. If an enemy overcomes the canine’s Defense while it is protecting its master with a defend other action, he must choose to attack the beast, rather than its master. Additionally, such an attack cannot reduce the hound to its Incapacitated health level—any levels of damage that would go beyond its -4 health level are prevented. Once this protection has been invoked the first time in a scene, the hound is vulnerable to being incapacitated until it has healed at least one health level naturally.
      • Discerning Scent (Latent): The dog or wolf has been trained to pick up on a specific type of scent—human scents picked up from clothes, poisons, drugs, undead flesh, firedust, or so forth. Its Keen Nose allows it to apply the double 8s rule when smelling out the chosen scent, rather than double 9s. Additionally, if the canine has been trained in Wary Watchdog Vigilance, its effects also apply to such rolls. A dog can be trained in this Merit multiple times to pick up multiple distinct scents.
      • Wary Watchdog Vigilance (Latent): The wolf adds one automatic success on any roll to notice a hidden character. Upon doing so, it barks loudly enough to wake its master and his allies from sleep, if needed.

    • Artifact (3) - Candent Heart - Fire-throwing glove
    • Unburnt Majesty (2) - Double 8s on roll to resist fire- or heat-based environments, +Essence to Soak and Hardness against flame attacks
    • Suzerain of Endless Flame (2) - Spells that create or manipulate fire or summon fire elementals cost -3m; if Control spell may waive 1wp cost once per day.


    Essence: 1

    Personal: 13
    Peripheral: 33
    Committed: 5

    Willpower: 8

    Limit: 0
    Limit Trigger:  The Solar is forced to confront the fact that yes, it undeniably IS her fault.

    -=Health Levels=-
    1x -0
    2x -1
    2x -2
    1x -4
    1x Inc

    Her pets (affection) (major)
    Immaculate Order (hate) (major)
    Fire Spirit Patron - Urumi (respect) (minor)

    "Evil and corruption stalk the world. Let the darkness burn." (defining)
    "It's not my fault!" (defining)
    "Be a force for rightness." (major)
    "Be vigilant, but have a good time." (minor)

    -=Charms & Spells=-          

    Athletics, Awareness, Dodge, Integrity, Investigation, Lore, Medicine, Occult, Presence, Resistance, Ride, Survival, Thrown



    • Monkey Leap Technique p.261


    • Sensory Acuity Prana p.267


    • Reed in the Wind p.299


    • Wound-Mending Care Technique


    • Spirit-Detecting Glance p.354
    • Uncanny Perception Technique p.354
    • Spirit-Cutting Attack p.354
    • Ghost-Eating Technique p.354
    • Spirit-Repelling Diagram p.357
    • Spirit-Caging Mandala p.357
    • Terrestrial Circle Sorcery p.360


    • Tiger's Dread Symmetry p.370


    • Seasoned Beast-Rider's Approach p.381


    • Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit p.409
    • Friendship with Animals Approach p.409


    • Flight of the Brilliant Raptor p.473 (control)
    • Demon of the First Circle p.473
    • Summon Elemental p.476

    Knives (Accuracy 4 or by range, damage +7, Defense +0, O1; Lethal, Melee, Thrown(short))
    Candent Heart (Thrown fire: Accuracy by range, damage +10, O3; Lethal, Mounted, Flame, Thrown(Medium))

    Mortal Thrown Ranges: Close +4, Short +3, Medium +2, Long -1, Extreme* -3
    Artifact Thrown Ranges: Close +5, Short +4, Medium +3, Long +0, Extreme* -2


    -General Equipment-
    Medicine bag
    Chalk, candles, misc occult ritual items

    2bp Occult
    4bp Familiar
    6bp willpower
    3bp Dex

    Join Battle: Wits + Awareness (+3 suxx for starting init) = 7
    Soak: Natural  (Stamina  ) + Armor  = 3
    Hardness: 0
    Brawl Parry: (Dexterity  + Brawl  + Specialty )/2 =  + Defense  = 2
    Melee Parry: (Dexterity  + Melee  + Specialty )/2 = 2
    Evasion: (Dexterity  + Dodge )/2 = 3
    Withering Thrown: Dexterity  + Thrown + Specialty  + Accuracy  = 9
    Withering Brawl: Dexterity  + Brawl  + Specialty  + Accuracy  = 7
    Decisive Thrown: Dexterity  + Thrown + Specialty  = 5
    Decisive Brawl: Dexterity  + Brawl  + Specialty  = 3
    Rush (Dex + Athletics) = 5
    Disengage (Dex + Dodge) = 6

    Orphaned by a typhoon that sunk her family's boat, Kyla was taken in by a wandering mystic named Roshi.  He was a demon hunter, traveling the West and disposing of unbound demons and rogue elementals when he found them, using martial arts rooted in the cleansing element of fire.  Finding her a natural to the ways of the occult, Roshi took Kyla to the home island of his volcano spirit patron, Urumi: a minor out-lying island of the Wavecrest Archipelago.  There her training was taken over by Urumi and her priests.  She spent most of a decade learning spirit lore and occult principles from the island priests, studying shamanic wisdom and universal truths passed down through stories and patterns of numbers, or exploring the wilds of the island when she could escape her mentors, frequently bemusing them when she would return from the woods with some new pet.

    In due time Urumi inducted Kyla into sorcery so that she would be empowered to join the loose association of mystic warriors that Urumi supports--mystics devoted to the cause of righting errant spirits and bringing a bit of spiritual order to the all-too-chaotic West.  Let loose into the world again, Kyla set sail to begin her life's mission.  Three days out to sea, the ship caught fire during an argument with an air elemental and burned to the waterline.

    A burning demonologists shrine ignited a forest fire that precipitated the evacuation of the small island of Onoa'e.  Not Kyla's fault--they should have built a firebreak.  Half the Lintha-frequented smuggler town of Sandport was consumed in an inferno.  Not her fault everyone builds houses out of kindling.  Punishing an extortionist water elemental set an entire coral reef on fire.  Kyla has no explanation for that one.

    Not all of her adventures ended in natural disasters, though.  Once she assisted a wolf spirit whose offerings were being intercepted by a crafty greenmaw.  The wolf spirit enjoyed the mild charring given to the elemental, but was bemused that Kyla had no pack to run with.  In gratitude the spirit gifted two pups to the sorceress to remedy that situation.  Give her a few minutes and Kyla might be able to think of another instance that didn't involve massive collateral damage.

    Kyla's mission in the world has similarities to the Immaculate Order's work, and with Wavecrest having ties to the Realm it was inevitable that they would cross paths eventually.  The differences in their philosophies also made it inevitable that crossing would not be friendly.  Both believe in the maintaining the hierarchy of spirits and cleansing creatures of darkness from the world, but the Immaculates do so with an oppressive and subversive agenda glorifying the Realm's Dragonbloods mixed in, while Kyla thinks they're stuffy demagoguing political-tool butt-monkeys.  A new Immaculate mission moved into Kyla's region of the islands and began setting up temples and spreading their propaganda.  Predictably, one of their shrines ended up on fire and Kyla found a quick passenger berth to elsewhere.  Rumors say that the fire that night burned golden.

    Her haste precluded performing any sort of background check on the ship she sailed out on, and so Kyla was rather surprised some time later to discover that they were actually pirates who had taken her on board with the thought to sell her into slavery in some other port.  And so it happened that Kyla found herself cast adrift with her pets on the Western Ocean on the burnt-out husk of a sailing ship.  Again.  How was she supposed know they had a ton of firedust on board?

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    Kyla Storm-Tossed Empty Candent Heart (evocations WIP)

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    A fingerless glove made from orichalcum and fabric of solidified flame pulled from the corona of the spirit Urumi's burning heart, Candent Heart allows its attuned wearer to create flame in her palm. Such flame does not harm the wearer or things she is wearing (although fires set with it still may) but may be used for fire-starting utility purposes or as a weapon.

    Used in combat, the wearer may wreath their hand in flame for added damage to Brawl attacks made with that hand (treat as a Light melee artifact weapon with the Lethal, Brawl, Grappling, and Worn tags). Alternatively, the user may gather balls of flame in their palm to be thrown (treat as a Light thrown artifact weapon with the Lethal, Mounted, Flame, and Thrown(Medium) tags).

    Damage +10, Overwhelming 3, Attune 5. Accuracy +5 in melee, by range for Thrown.
    Artifact Thrown Ranges: Close +5, Short +4, Medium +3, Long +0, Extreme* -2

    (to come)
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    I like her. Approved!

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    XP Request
    Solar xp:
    Dex 4 - 12xp
    Perc 3 - 8xp

    Normal xp:
    Survival 4 - 7xp
    Medicine 2 & 3 - 4xp
    Wound-Mending Care Technique - 8xp
    Thrown 3 - 3xp
    Ghost-Eating Technique - 8xp

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