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    The Morning Star (Artifact 4 ship)


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    The Morning Star (Artifact 4 ship) Empty The Morning Star (Artifact 4 ship)

    Post by Spastic_Clapper on Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:30 pm

    The Morning Star (Artifact 4, black jade and ironwood)
    Role: War Galleon
    Speed: Current +1, Sails +2, Oars +2, No marines on board +1
    Maneuverability: +1
    Hull: -0/-0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
    Crew: 100 sailors
    Cargo: Can store about 2000 tons of cargo in the hold or carry 125 soldiers and their gear into battle.

    The Morning Star (Artifact 4 ship) Ship10

    The Morning Star is a massive 30 yard long, 7 yard wide galleon made of a combination of ironwood and blade jade. Its primary form of propulsion comes from four large masts with silk-steel sails.  When needed it can drop sixty ours into the water as well. Designed with three decks and a forecastle that dominates the read of the ship where the captains quarters are.  Its hull is made of ironwood with blade jade bands that holds it together and reinforce it. Written into the jade are prayers to the gods of the western ocean for safe passage for the ship and its occupants.

    The Morning Star has half a dozen enchanted ballista on deck as well as a sail-cutter. The Morning Star inflicts 2 levels of damage on a broadside maneuver and lowers the targets speed from sails by 1 until repaired.  The front of the ship is reinforced to protect it when ramming. Lastly there are razor sharp crescent blades mounted to the edges of the masts, so that if an enemy enters into range of a boarding action they rip the enemies sales to shreds, reducing the speed from sails of the enemies ship by 1 until repaired.

    The Morning Star is equipped with two elemental engines.  Each one draws huge amounts of water from in front of the ship and expels it out the rear. Each engine requires a water elemental to attune it for 5m, and can not be attuned by the same elemental. Once attuned the engine adds +1 to the ships speed and maneuverability, to a maximum of +2 with both engines attuned.

    The Morning Star requires a commitment of 5m from its owner, and its owner can master two evocations for it. Repairing the ship takes a sorcerer with craft wood 3+ in addition to normal requirements.

    Hidden in the Mists Method
    Cost: 4m, Mins: Essence 1
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Pilot
    Duration: One Scene
    Prerequisite Charms:
    From all around the Morning Star a mist begins to form and thicken. This mist clings to the ocean and decks of any ships entering it other than the Morning Star and seems to move with the ship. This charm counts as a concealment action while providing scenery in which the ship can hide. As long as the charm is active the pilot double's 9's on the roll.

    Batten Down the Hatches!
    Hidden in the Mists Method
    Cost: 10m, Mins: Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Pilot
    Duration: Indefinite
    Prerequisite Charms: Hidden in the Mists Method
    The crew quickly shuts all the hatches and pulls all the rigging of the ship in. The sails roll up and stow themselves as the hatches seal with a feint hiss. The Morning Star dives, using its elemental engines to propel itself underwater, while blue and black jade filters provide oxygen from the water. This charm allows the Morning Star to travel underwater for as long as the pilot commits the motes, and provides the oxygen needed for the crew to survive. This charm does not provide any of the other necessities for survival such as food. While underwater it can not benefit from its sails or oars for speed, relying on its elemental engines and external factors such as current for speed.

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