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    Cassius of Darkholme


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    Cassius of Darkholme Empty Cassius of Darkholme

    Post by ShanWolf on Thu Oct 27, 2016 4:49 pm

    Cassius of Darkholme:
    Name: Cassius of Darkholme
    Player: Shan
    Caste: Eclipse


    Caste Abilities
    Bureaucracy 4 (supernal)
    Larceny 4
    Occult 3
    Sail 5
    Socialize 3

    Favored Abilities:

    Dodge 4
    Melee 4
    Presence 3
    Resistance 2
    War 4


    Sail - Pursuit
    Presence - Intimidation
    Bureaucracy - Getting the Best Price
    Larceny - Selling Stone Goods


    Artifact - Eis-Herz 3
    Resources - 3
    Allies (Wife, Shiva) - 5
    Artifact (Dance of Sunlight) 4
    Command 2


    Become the Worlds Greatest Pirate (Defining)
    Lintha (Hatred) Major
    Wife, Shiva (Eternal Love) Major
    My ship (Shiva's Kiss) (Pride) Minor
    The Golden Reavers (Crew) (Friendship/Loyalty) Minor


    Frugal Merchant Method 283
    Insight Buyers Technique 284
    Consumer Evaluating Glance 284
    Deft Officials Way 284
    Salty Dog Method 386
    Shipwreck Surviving Stamina 386
    Immortal Mariner's Advantage 387
    Legendary Captain's Signature 388
    Excellent Strike 346
    Fire and Stones strike 346
    Peony Blossom Attack 346
    Dipping Swallow Defense 346
    Bulwark Stance 346
    War God Descendant 419
    Ox-Body Technique 375

    Health and Defense:

    Natural Soak 2
    Chain Shirt 5
    Final Soak 7

    Parry 4
    Evasion 4
    Resolve 2
    Guile 4
    Join Battle 4

    From the Diary of Cassius of Darkholme:

    From the Diary of Cassius of Darkholme:

    "I wish I could say I was a hero on the day I took the Second Breath, but I wasn't. I was a scared little boy, who missed his Mommy and Daddy, and wanted them to be safe...I guess i should start from the beginning. As usual, My father and I were...discussing, loudly, his desire for me to join his, and eventually my brother's Merchants-guard. I was an accomplished with a sword, I had a good head for numbers and I kept myself largely out of trouble, but I just couldn't.
    I couldn't accept that I would spend my days as a sad soldier, guarding caravans and cargos and counting inventory. Even in the illustrious position as prince of Darkholme, well..still, I wanted more. I wanted to captain a ship! I wanted to be a brave buccaneer, fighting to defend my home, seeing the world. It's funny how destiny works..

    So the arguing continued. Loudly, and my father, in a fit of great pique punched my spoiled face. This is the part where you'd expect that I challenged him to a duel, and we fought like warriors over our honor... No such luck. I ran like a child from the palace, crying and cursing my father's name, and I landed somewhere by the docks district in the arms of a number of beautiful ladies of the night, who were doubtlessly impressed by My Manly blubbering like an idiot over my stupid problems.

    The resultant hangover probably should have killed me. I assume the Unconquered Sun wanted me to suffer for being an absolute pillock, but the screams...that was..new. at first I thought it was the screams of pleasure from the nearby rooms..but no..this was the War Wobbles, and Woots of the Lintha. A gang of cannibal pirates my fathers soldiers and sailors fought.
    I rushed from the brothel, a bit of drool still clinging to my beard and ran for the safety of the palace, that's when I saw the flames. reaching high above the plantation outside my parents estate.

    I dunno what took me then, because before long, I found myself screaming in Triumph as I smashed my father's merchant ship into the Lintha Captain's Hull....heedless of danger, and singing a sea shanty like a Sun-sick lunatic.."
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    Cassius of Darkholme Empty Re: Cassius of Darkholme

    Post by Pattern Spider on Wed Nov 02, 2016 9:22 am

    For the record-new characters are to be posted first in Loom of Fate. Not here. It is in the description in the forum as well.

    That aside, I do like this, aside from one either extra word or one forgotten word in the amusing diary entry. ("I was an accomplished with the sword" makes no sense. Either deleting the an or adding warrior or fighter there would make more sense.)

    That is the mildest of tiffs.

    So I will count this as approved.

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