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    Effulgent Adamant Prism


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    Effulgent Adamant Prism Empty Effulgent Adamant Prism

    Post by AuriusVorayn on Thu Oct 27, 2016 1:00 pm

    This is a second draft on this.. looking for advice on revisions or reworkings to get this balanced and where i'd like it to be. Mainly in that its intent was that when it was created in the first age, it would give a newly reincarnated twilight a step up to help him support his already experienced circle; this being a contingency plan put in place by my previous incarnation.

    [Effulgent Adamant Prism]

    Created in the first age by an ancient twilight, this artifact is comprised of a solid adamant sphere roughly the size and shape of a hearthstone, inlaid with orichalcum and starmetal filigree. Inside the sphere swirls the infinite and psychedelic colors and forms of the deepest reaches of the wyld.

    Attunement Bonus: When this artifact is attuned, the exalt gains access to 1 single charm from any twilight caste ability which they meet the prerequisites for, but count as if they had 1 essence higher than they do for the purposes of meeting charm minimums. When they raise their permanent essence and learn the chosen charm, they may choose a new charm. When the attuned user reaches essence 5, they may instead choose up to (Ess) charms they already know and treat their essence as 6 for the purposes of calculating charm effects.


    1. Infallible Logic Methodology - Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Reflexive; Keywords:--; Duration: Instant; Prerequisite Charms: None

    On any craft, lore, shape sorcery, thaumaturgy, or sorcerous working roll, the user can reroll ones until they fail to appear. Repurchase at E4 allows reroll of 2s til they fail to appear with a 2nd invocation of this charm (10m total). this charm can be activated after the roll is made.

    2. Anima Forging Practice - Cost: 1m+, 1a+; Mins: Essence 1; Type: Supplemental; Keywords:--; Duration: Instant; Prerequisite Charms: Infallible Logic Methodology

    Using this charm, the attuned is able to forge the power of his own anima into whatever project he is working on, be it sorcerous, craft related, or wyld shaping. Considering that most of these types of projects take long periods of time to complete, the anima cost may even be paid for by the levels the attuned would gain from any charms used in conjunction with this one as he folds his anima into his project as it rises.
    For each mote and anima level expended, the user may reroll up to two failed dice. For each of these dice that come up a success, up to the user’s (Ess), another failed die may be rerolled. Rerolls continue until hitting the aforementioned cap or until all dice from the roll come up a success. This charm takes effect after all other reroll mechanics.

    3. Synergistic Knowledge Application Prana - Cost: 5m; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Reflexive; Keywords: --; Duration: Instant; Prerequisite Charms: Anima Forging Practice

    This charm can be used to augment a wyld shaping or sorcerous working roll, allowing the user to add non-charm dice after the roll equal to an ST approved applicable skill that they possess that could reasonably assist the user (i.e. using wyld-called-weapon to shape a Daiklave when you possess the craft(weaponsmith) and Craft(Artifice) abilities). This charm also functions for craft projects, but instead synergizes with occult or lore, if the user has an applicable speciality in either of those 2 abilities.

    4. Infinite Ingenuity Insight - Cost: 10m,1wp; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Supplemental; Keywords: Stackable; Duration: 1 project; Prerequisite Charms: Synergistic Knowledge Application Practice.

    [Work in Progress]

    5. Ultimate Twilight Mastery- Cost: --(10m,1wp, 2wxp); Mins: Essence 5; Type: Permanent; Keywords:--; Duration: Permanent; Prerequisite Charms: Infinite Ingenuity Insight

    Learning this charm initiates the attuned user into Adamant Circle Sorcery as well as a few other effects. As a supplemental effect, this charm can be activated in a number of different ways. It can be used during a Sorcerous working and superior or legendary Craft projects to grant 1 bonus roll on the project without counting towards the project’s terminus. It can be used during wyld-shaping to prevent the roll from inducing, or incrementing, the encounter roll and replaces the normal costs associated with the charm. This effect can only be used once during any specific sorcerous/craft/shaping project but can be used on any number of different projects.

    6. Geomantic Singularity Eruption - Cost: 50m, 10wp, 10Ahl, 10wxp; Mins: Essence 5; Type: Simple; Keywords:--; Duration: Instant; Prerequisite Charms: Ultimate Twilight Mastery, Solar Circle Sorcery, Demiurgic Suspiration, Power Beyond Reason.

    Learning this charm grants all previous charms from this artifact the “Native” Keyword, allowing them to be used without the artifact. This is key, because the using this charm subsumes the artifact into the Exalt’s anima. Before activating this charm, the Solar must successfully prepare for it. Treat this as an Adamant Sorcerous Working, Ambition 3. The finesse is up to the player, and plays a deciding role in what is to come, and follows the normal guidelines for Finesse for other sorcerous workings. This charm can only be activated in the bordermarches.
    Once all prerequisites are met, the costs are paid, and the charm is activated, the crucible is subsumed into the very essence of the user, and all of its wyld power is released into the world. For a moment, everything within 10 miles of user is rendered into pure chaos. When it is released properly, in the careful manner, over a matter of seconds, a legendary demesne forms on the spot, and all bordermarches, not creation, land within that area is shaped according to the finesse of the sorcerous working done in preparation of this moment. Resources, land formations, people, creatures, etc are all created accordingly.
    For scope of what is possible, considering it to be 25(this number is placeholder, haven't done the math for the right number here) successes on a phase 10 wyld shaping action. Also, the ST should treat this act as having rolled a 1 on the encounter roll for a phase 10 wyld shaping action as this act will certainly grab the attention of any, and possible every, wyld creature, fae, or behemoth capable of perceiving it. The wyld energies of the area will slowly seep out. Within a minute, it will reduce to deep wyld, middle marches within an hour, bordermarches within a shift, and finally solidify into creation within 1 day.

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