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    He was lithe and wiry, just under 6' tall, with lightly bronzed skin and purple hair that carried strange jagged blue streaks through it that was wrapped into countless dreadlocks and hung to his mid torso. Adoring his head and intertwined with some of the locks were over a dozen feathers from various tropical birds and he was clad in a sealskin jerkin, loincloth, and moccasins each and all decorated with various colorful shells and bits of nacre. His eyes are heterochromatic, one bring the color of what one might imagine frozen lightning would looking like, icy blue with perhaps a slight yellow inner lining; and the other a vibrant purple that almost appears to ripple like the waves of the ocean.

    Reputation - thus far Hako has been observed doing a few noticeable things. Aside from arriving to the city in a storm wind rider, he claims to be able to speak to the spirits of things, owing to his training as a western shaman of his tribal people's, and in doing so, he managed to publicly repair a near-destroyed small vessel through occult ritual in a matter of hours. he also has been seen throughout the city ranting and raving about "The Maelstrom"; that it's headed this way and sees destruction and death in its wake. He is urging people to take whatever precautions they can or escape the city if they must. He is also urging the people of the denzik to hurry up and leave before it wreaks havoc upon them as well.

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