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    Many Breezes Maiden, She of an Empowering Golden Voice


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    Many Breezes Maiden, She of an Empowering Golden Voice  Empty Many Breezes Maiden, She of an Empowering Golden Voice

    Post by Zunomian on Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:56 am

    Name Many Breezes Maiden
    Concept Benign Manipulator of Man and Spirits
    Type Solar
    Caste Eclipse
    Anima A beckoning purple hand with a golden eye in its palm
    Limit Trigger A carefully devised plan undone by stupidity or brute force


    The world needs a good guiding hand on its rudder (Defining)
    People need to be taught their true potential (Major)
    Tie: Denzik (Protective Love) (Minor)
    Even chaos needs to have a purpose (Major)
    Tie: The Guild (Loathing) (Minor)

    Attributes & Abilities

    Strength 2    Charisma 4       Perception 5
    Dexterity 3   Manipulation 5  Intellligence 2
    Stamina 2     Appearance 2   Wits 3

    Awareness 3 (Favored
    Bureaucracy 5 (Caste)
    Investigation 3 (Favored)
    Larceny 2 (Caste)
    Linguistics 3 (Caste)
    Melee 2 (Favored)
    Occult 3 (Caste)
    Presence 5 (Caste)
    Sail 3 (Favored)
    Socialize 3 (Favored)


    Contacts 3
    Followers 2
    Influence 2
    Languages 2
    Resources 2

    Charms and Spells

    Listener-Swaying Argument
    Impassioned Discourse Technique
    Empowering Shout
    Harmonius Presence Meditation
    Majestic Radiant Presence
    Deft Official's Way
    Measuring Glance
    Speed the Wheels
    Bureau-Rectifying Method
    Spirit-Detecting Glance
    Uncanny Perception Technique
    Terrestrial Circle Sorcery
    Salty Dog Method
    Shipwreck-Surviving Stamina
    Spell: Infallible Messenger (Control)
    Spell: Summon Elemental

    Bonus Points spent as follows:
    2 used to raise Presence to 5 (2 of 15)
    2 used to raise Bureaucracy to 5 (4 of 15)
    4 used to raise Perception to 4 (8 of 15)
    1 used to raise Resources to 2 (9 of 15)
    4 used to purchase spell (Summon Elemental) (13 of 15)
    2 used to raise Willpower to 6 (15 of 15)

    Background: Many Breezes Maiden's mother always told her she was too clever for her own good. The oldest of four children, she and her family stuck together to eke out a living running goods for smugglers in Wu-Jian. But Many Breezes Maiden always dreamed of something better. And so she took the risky jobs and depended on her mind to give her the edge over crime lords and their armies of thugs. Her wits served her well indeed, especially when she ran into a visiting Raksha noble who initiated her in the art of sorcery, amused by how her schemes had brought a gangster to ruin.

    Bolder and a little unhinged by her encounter with the Fair Folk, she leaped emboldened into the game that was Wu-Jian's criminal circle. She eventually led her family to a great haul that unfortunately already belonged to a hotheaded lost egg of the Realm who sought to start his own criminal empire. It was when he and his hired killers attacked Many Breezes Maiden that she took the Second Breath and convinced his men to take his life instead with only a couple of suggestions. Now sick of Wu-Jian, she followed an old salt's account of the ship-city Denzik and joined its crew when it docked, followed by her family and new hired legbreakers.  She didn't take long to charm her way into things but she has no intention of stopping where she is.

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