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    Opening Remarks

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    Opening Remarks Empty Opening Remarks

    Post by Pattern Spider on Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:14 am

    Hello everyone who is taking part in building this site and its beta. We are not yet playing, but I encourage people to register and check back for news over the upcoming weeks.

    As we improve the forums and our Discord server, we will in the future be setting up a way to donate. All funds will be going directly to keeping the community afloat and functioning-for instance, our own domain and tech support as the admin is limited to basic computer literacy. No personal profit will be made off this project whatsoever. All funds received and spent will be publically accounted for on a monthly or quarterly basis, as appropriate.

    For now, I'm setting the following basic guidelines:

    • Don't be a jerk out of character.
    • Be careful not to metagame.
    • Do not advertise outside of affiliate forum unless it's for relevant books related to Exalted.
    • Please do not use smilies if posting IC topics on the forum.
    • Strictly no piracy.
    • OOC is not IC.
    • Please do not post things illegal in the US to do so, like underage porn.

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