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    The Jade Maiden


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    The Jade Maiden Empty The Jade Maiden

    Post by RachelTheRed on Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:02 pm

    Name: The Jade Maiden, sometimes also The Black Maiden and The Leather Maiden
    Caste: Eclipse
    Sex: F
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Red
    Age: 30

    Strength 1
    Dexterity 3
    Stamina 3

    Charisma 4
    Manipulation 5
    Appearance 4

    Perception 3
    Intellect 3
    Wits 3


    Caste: Presence - 5
    Caste: Linguistics - 5
    Caste, Supernal: Socialize - 5
    Caste: Occult - 1
    Caste: Larceny - 3

    Favoured: Performance - 5
    Favoured: Integrity - 3
    Favoured: Invest - 3
    Favoured: Stealth 2
    Favoured: Awareness - 2

    Willpower 8
    Essence 1


    Investigation: Watchman's Infallible Eye, Crafty Observation Method, Judge's Ear Technique,

    Larceny: Seasoned Criminal Method, Spurious Presence, Preying on Uncertainty Approach, Clever Bandit’s Rook, Swift Gambler’s Eye,

    Socialize: Mastery of Small Manners, Motive-Discerning Technique, Quicksilver Falcon’s Eye,

    Presence: Listener-Swaying Argument, Impassioned Discourse Technique

    Integrity: Stubborn Boar Defense, Temptation-Resisting Stance

    Merits:  Influence 4 (Denzik Noble Captains), Language 2 (Riverspeak, High Realm, Old Realm), Resources 2 (Denzik Investments), Retainers 2 (Demonic Advisor Of The First Circle)

    Principle (Defining): "I influence through words, and through words I act"
    Principle (Major): "I must find the one who brought me to this destiny"
    Principle (Major): "Every man has his price, every man has his soft spot"
    Principle (Major): "... but loyal men are priceless"
    Principle (Minor): "Knowledge is power, it must be guarded well"

    Tie (Major, Positive): The Jade Arrow Triad
    Tie (Major, Positive): The Jade Dragon Head
    Tie (Minor, Positive): Loyal Criminals
    Tie (Major, Negative): The Illuminated Path Triad
    Tie (Minor, Negative): The Lightning Dragon Head
    Tie (Minor, Negative): Backstabbers

    Basic clothes: Black dress, black suit, black leather boots. Without stats.
    Various jewellery made of jade
    Quills and ink
    Black roses, from her black rose garden.

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    The Jade Maiden Empty Re: The Jade Maiden

    Post by RachelTheRed on Thu Oct 06, 2016 8:02 am


    Fifteen years ago, while learning the manners and ways of courtly manners, she would find that certain individuals would have what she desired. Namely, knowledge. Working her way through the back doors of government agencies, she would later find what she wanted - the ability to question those she felt had unjustly worked against her.

    Through this, she would use it to work favours for friends and for all those whom would have helped her gain this knowledge. Namely, criminals.

    She had found herself needing to use certain criminals in order to get what she wanted... but as their request seemed reasonable enough, she would agree to work for them. Namely, by working as a negotiator and helping The Don to work his way through the ranks, with her at his side.

    One of her first jobs in this would be to look through a cult which had formed, and were apparently summoning demons.

    It turned out they were... and she saw a certain potential. A certain... opportunity. With this opportunity, she summoned a demon. A first circle demon. An Amphelisiae. Playfully going to The Jade Maiden, he was fascinated by her slightly reflective skin, which bared with it a dark green.

    But, loyal he was not. But, the question of loyalty remained easy... be done with the ones who summoned him, and he shall be loyal. And so they were 'dealt' with.

    In achieving what might be called a butler, and a large apartment all to herself, a larger creature came to contact her. He could promise all sorts of beings at her command... if only she would obey what he asked. And so she did... but the final price was quite high. In exchange for this power, once her time with the task was done... she would need to surrender her soul.

    Except that there was a way around this: She never entirely did the ask, which was to kill a very annoying cultist. She simply kidnapped him. And so, she would keep her powers. and would stay as an Exalt of the Eclipse caste. Fitting too that she would never entirely fade away as the Moon would.

    Enraged, and with the deal now entirely shattered, she finds herself at the center of attention of other demons, and she intends as her powers grow to make the demon who gave her this power be something to her. Perhaps... her husband. One so manipulative could do well with a supernatural being who found himself outmanipulated by one who was once a simple mortal.

    With this, she intends to work her way to find him, and make him hers once and for all.
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    Post by Pattern Spider on Sat Oct 08, 2016 12:53 am

    I dig it. Approved!

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