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    Evening Star, Spymaster of the Cyte House


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    Evening Star, Spymaster of the Cyte House Empty Evening Star, Spymaster of the Cyte House

    Post by Aquatica1000 on Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:37 pm

    A link to ES's character sheet

    Name: Evening Star (Hikaru Onteso)
    Concept: Blind Spymaster
    Caste:  Night
    Limit Trigger: Realizing someone has broken their word in a way that materially harms him or his allies
    Anima: Flickering lights and the sounds of whispers, followed by a violet-gray snake with white specks slithering at Evening Star's feet.
    Intimacies: “I will not purposefully harm an innocent life to fulfill a goal” (Defining), House Cytus (Major), The Dragonblooded behind the Ulslr Rebellion (Major, Negative), his Biwa (Japanese instrument similar to a lute) (Positive, Minor)

    About Evening Star:
    Born Hikaru Onteso, the person who’d become Evening Star was raised by his father Darin, the prior spymaster for the Cyte family, in hopes of being a worthy candidate for the position.  Having been trained in various skills necessary for spycraft from at a young age, Hikaru was already doing minor missions for the family seven years ago.  However, when the Bull of the North defeated the Tepet Legions and Dragon-Blooded rebels overthrew the Cytes in Ulslr, both Hikaru and his father were captured due to the latter’s position of secret-keeping.
    For years, the Cytes assume Darin Onteso and his son dead, much like the various Cyte members unable to leave the city that fateful day.  However, two years ago, what appeared to be a blind young musician somehow managed to make his way inside the manor without the guards knowing,  claiming to be Hikaru and asking to speak with the head of the household.  How exactly Cyte and her heir knew he was legitimately the lost spy and not someone wishing to take advantage of the disappearance, no one outside the three knows, but the fact stands that they wouldn't have sent him on more missions (and, later, assigned him the position of spymaster) if they weren't sure he was the real deal.

    Bonus point expenditure  (Because I wasn't sure where to put it)

    -2 (Awareness 3 --> 5)
    -4 (Quicksilver Falcon’s Eye)
    -4 (Inquisitor’s Unfailing Notice)
    -4 (Spurious Presence)
    -1 (Followers – Cytus Family Spies)
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    Evening Star, Spymaster of the Cyte House Empty Re: Evening Star, Spymaster of the Cyte House

    Post by Pattern Spider on Wed Oct 05, 2016 12:10 am

    Looking good, approved!

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