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    Organization Name: Mouse's (Actually Unnamed)
    Player Leader: Mouse
    Member: Yun-Li
    What it is: Tailor and high fashion clothing

    Catering to the highest quality of clientele the Unnamed yacht is informally referred to as Mouse's lies close to the restful core of the Denzik city ship. The yacht is made of sterling ivory wood and opens to the vibrancy of the sun, covered only by soft parasols and clad in extensive pillows. In the evenings gentle lanterns cast scarlet and violet hues across its bow, where it remains open a few hours after dusk. Within its depths are a myriad of cloths and dyes from every corner of creation fit for the princes of the earth. Every elegant article of cloth that leaves its environs is a perfect custom fit to its owner, and nothing comes off the rack.

    Mouse's offers for silver or Jade:
    Custom crafted high fashion
    Military Uniforms
    Fashion Accessories
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