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    Morgan Crowe, The Gentleman Hunter


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    Post by Miffychan on Thu Sep 22, 2016 3:46 pm

    Morgan Crowe, The Gentleman Hunter Crowe10

    "Well then, gentlemen – let’s be about it."

    == Personal Details ==
    Player: Miffychan
    Name: Mr. Morgan Crowe
    Caste: Dawn
    Concept: Gentleman Monster Hunter
    Anima Banner: A burning blade hangs behind the Dawn, casting light over all surrounding him – Morgan himself left in silhouette.
    Anima Powers: Page 204, 3rd Edition Core.

    == Intimacies ==
    “For Incarnae And Country” – Defining Principle
    “The Devil Goes Away When He Finds The Door Shut Against Him.” – Major Principle
    “Let Not Your Tongue Cut Your Throat” – Major Principle
    “Say Well Is Good, But Do Well Is Better.” – Minor Principle
    “The Poor Do Penance For The Follies Of Their Superiors.” – Minor Principle

    The Crowe Family – Defining Tie
    Genteel Gentlemanly Behavior – Major Tie
    The Solarium Circle – Major Tie
    The Solarium Club – Major Tie
    Coral Archipelago – Major Tie
    Lady Integra – Minor Tie
    Denzik – Minor Tie

    == Attributes ==
    Strength ***
    Dexterity ****
    Stamina ****
    Charisma **
    Manipulation **
    Appearance ***
    Perception **
    Wits ****
    Intelligence ***

    == Abilities == (Brawl/Martial Arts Supernal)
    Archery *** (Crossbows)
    Awareness *** (Tracking)
    Brawl *
    Dodge *****
    Martial Arts (Steel Devil Style) *****
    Melee ***

    Athletics ***
    Integrity *** (Stubborn Coralman)
    Occult ***
    Lore ** (Western Monsters)
    Stealth **

    Resistance *
    Craft (Alchemy) **

    == Charms ==
    Steel Devil Style: Naked Fang Draw, Double Attack Technique, Steel Devil Strike, Steel Devil Form
    Dodge: Reed In The Wind, Reflex Sidestep Technique, Leaping Dodge Method, Drifting Leaf Elusion, Shadow Over Water
    Athletics: Graceful Crane Stance, Monkey Leap Technique, Foe-Vaulting Method
    Integrity: Stubborn Boar Defense
    Resistance: Ox-Body Technique
    Occult: Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

    == Sorcery == (Blood-Purifying Elixir)
    Terrestrial Circle: Stormwind Rider (Control)

    == Merits ==
    Ally * (Integra, Demonblooded Housekeeper)
    Artifact **** (Rook) (Soulsteel Twin Small Daiklaves)
    Backing ** (The Crowe Family, from Coral)
    Deep Breath Cultivation *****
    Martial Artist **** (Steel Devil Style)
    Resources *** (Investments, The Crowe Family, The Solarium Club)
    Thaumaturgist **** (Free With Sorcery)

    == Metaphysical Stats ==
    Essence: *
    Personal: 13/13
    Peripheral: 28/33
    Committed: 5 (Rook)
    Willpower: ******
    Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-1/-2/-2/-2/-2/-4/Incap

    == Combat Stats ==
    Parry: 5 (Steel Devil Style)
    Evasion: 5
    Soak: 4 (Natural), 7 (/w Armor)

    Resolve: 4
    Guile: 1

    Armor: Chain Shirt (Light, +3 Soak, 0 Mob Pen, Hardness 0, Concealable)

    Soulsteel Short Daiklaves ("Rook") (Light, +5 Acc, +10 Damage, +0 Def, Overwhelming 3, Attunement 5, Lethal/Bashing, Melee, Balanced, Concealable)
    Wrist (Hand) Crossbow (Light, +7 Damage, Overwhelming 1, Lethal, Archery (Medium), Crossbow, One-Handed, Piercing, Slow, Mounted, Concealable)

    15/15 Bonus Points
    Martial Arts (Steel Devil Style) 5 – 2 BP
    Resources 3 – 1 BP
    Ally 1 – 1 BP
    Backing 2 (The Crowe Family) – 2 BP
    Melee 3 – 1 BP
    Archery 3 – 1 BP
    Dodge 5 – 2 BP
    Deep Breath Cultivation – 5 BP


    There’s an old saying in the Coral Archipelago. The day the last Crowe flies is the day the waters stay still. It’s an odd saying, true, and one most newcomers don’t grasp early on – but if they had the good fortune to cross the path of Mr. Morgan Crowe, the middle child of the latest generation, they might find it a bit more understandable.

    You see, the Crowe family, for it’s sins, is one of the older and more venerable families within those cutthroat isles. Their holdings have waxed and waned over the years, to be sure, but there’s always been a Crowe near to hand in the Sea Lord’s court. And despite having suffered, at times, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune – they’ve never been outright flattened. For you see – in a world of monsters, dread destroyers, and worse lying beneath the waves; there are always bold men willing to go forth and do battle against them. And a nation always has need of men like that.

    That was the duty of the Crowe Family, in this Age of Sorrows. Other families claim similar, but to the Crowe, they were always the first. Raitons, in a metaphorical sense, who descend with vicious intent upon beasts what prey on Coral’s ships. Man or monster – though mostly the latter. Crowe ships have often joined when Coral goes to war, padding out the fleet; and when mariners and privateers see a ship flying the white bird on black, over the Coral insignia – they may breathe a quiet prayer, even if they hate the captain’s guts. Duty is the word of the day, to an Archipelago Crowe, and they are paid handsomely to maintain that duty.

    Which makes it all the odder when one decides to go independent, to be honest.

    Oh, it has happened before, no mistake. More than a few Crowes have decided to break from the family tradition – set up shop in some distant lands, go into business for themselves. It is by no means truly unusual; it’s more unusual when one groomed for officer-hood would do so. Morgan, as the second son of the family line, was expected to go into the family navy as a matter of course – just as his elder brother was to take over the family finances and daily business (business being very important to Coralites, of course), and younger brother expected to take over the family’s more eclectic resources. Monsters are killed more easily by spells, thaumaturgy, and high explosives, after all.

    And in truth, if it wasn’t for an absolute devil of a time on one voyage – where rather than see his ship split in two, Morgan charged point-first into the maw of a kraken with teeth as long as his arm; and proceeded to slice it quite neatly in half in a whirl of blades – Mister Morgan Crowe likely would have gone into the family business. As it stood, he found himself standing on the exposed giblets of said kraken, glowing like the sun rising over the horizon, and feeling somewhat foolish.

    Well, naturally, the scandal would have been quite tremendous – to say nothing of the subsequent reaction from the Realm – had the truth come out. As it stood, most of the crew aboard were either dead or dying either way, and those that hadn’t by the time they reached port were swiftly renumerated, and assigned to vessels traveling far distant from any ports known to man. As far as anyone was concerned, the returning Master Crowe had had a Most Interesting Adventure, and nothing was out of the ordinary. At least, ostensibly.

    It took several weeks of discussion within the family estate, debates between himself, his father, his mother, and what few of his siblings could be trusted, before a solution could be found. Morgan, naturally, could not step up into the family business conventionally. That’d have been begging for discovery, and the chance for a backfire would be staggering. That and despite the fact that they were confident their child was not a demon, they couldn’t be confident in the rest of the extended family seeing it the same way. It ended up being Morgan’s younger brother who cooked up the idea they ended up adopting, actually – he’d always been ambitious, and a chance to take the second son’s role in the navy rather than disappear into the archives, without bloodshed? Well, there was a lot of laughing at the most bloodless family ‘coup’ in Coral’s history.

    Morgan was given a reasonable stipend, and several loud arguments in public were staged. How he was a reckless loose cannon, a troublesome figure, and this matter of his last voyage was the very last straw. How he’d have to make his own way, rather than relying on his family’s status. How he’d gain no inheritance until he could show he was a capable individual and whatnot. He declared, in no quiet fashion, how he’d show them, show them all, that he was the greatest hunter the Crowes had ever birthed!

    In truth, if it wasn’t for his Exaltation type, he might have made a fair actor.

    Ostensibly, he took a schooner from his own funds, and sailed to Denzik with intent to make his own living. The city-ship often encountered troubles, after all; and it was a magnificent place to hide or disappear an inconvenient heir. In reality, he was given a hefty purse, an artefact from the family vaults, and no small amount of resources on the occult and the eclectic – and a young woman the family had employed for some time as an expert on matters of Malfeas and the Underworld. Sorcery being something as inherent to his new status as breathing, according to the ancient texts. And she could double as a quite respectable housekeeper (his mother being determined that he’d at least live appropriate to his status – even if he was ostensibly ‘outside’ the family). He’d serve quite nicely as an extension of the family’s Gods-given mission within the Denzik, at least until such time that perhaps it would be more socially acceptable (and less burny-screamy-suffering) to have a Solar in the bloodline. It says something for how much Morgan loves his family that he accepted the necessities of such, doesn’t it.

    And so it’s been. He moved into a pleasant flat in the upper districts of Denzik – aboard a luxury vessel reconstituted into a residential ship - hung a shingle as a professional in matters of occult and monsters, and found himself a gentleman’s club to visit on a regular basis (though he had to throw a bit of funding into it first). If you have a siaka hanging around your boat, he’ll be there with a fishing rod and a sword – if you have a Fair Folk cursing your family, he’ll be there with cold iron bolts and a flaming sword.

    He’s most certainly not the last Crowe to fly, that’s certain – but the waters of Denzik may flow a bit more still these days.
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