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    The Solarium Empty The Solarium

    Post by Odd_Canuck on Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:01 pm

    The solarium is a ship... but what a ship.  A giant old vessel, steeped in time and now the home of a qasi-1800's style English gentlemen's Intellectuals club.  The place draws it's name from the upper deck which is almost completely enclosed in glass, with a number of plants thriving under the attention of the attendants.  

    But in truth it is not the ship that is interesting, large and well appointed and decorated  (think the sort of \studied luxury and style of the RMS Olympic) as it is, but rather the occupants.  Intellectuals all, the broadly open minded the debates run the full gambit from comparative merits of different branches of the Immaculate Faith to the hypothetical position of Anathema in modern societies.  It has become known as one of the bastions of civilized beings of the fleet, as well as a refuge for the very wealthy that have aspirations of learning.

    Rumors swirl among the the boat, that if you have a problem you can't solve, a just cause to fight, you can approach the servants entrance, make a request and present the problem to a careful selection of the club members who may find a way to solve it.
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    Post by Pattern Spider on Sun Sep 11, 2016 7:54 pm

    Alright! I will leave it up to you guys to post a member list-if I am not mistaken, there are others. All should be accounted for here.

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