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    Raphael D'vinchn Empty Raphael D'vinchn

    Post by The Redneck on Sat Sep 10, 2016 3:41 am

    (The Haslanti Glider has been adapted from/based on that of the 2nd ed books.)

    Name: Raphael D'vinchn
    Type: Solar
    Caste: Twilight
    Anima: a mass of golden gears turning in perfect precision
    -5 motes or at bonfire/iconic level: Hardness 5
    -10 motes and 1 WP: disappear over the course of a round--completely cease to exist--and reappear the following sunset at an ST-chosen place of power within 10 miles
    -10 motes: touch an Ess 1-3 Elemental or 1st circle demon, roll Int + Occult vs Resolve.  Success makes the spirit his familiar. Can reflexively summon it for 3 motes and banish it reflexively.  Can have up to Essence bound.

    Static Pools-
    Resolve: 3
    Guile: 3
    Defense: 2
    Evasion: 3
    Trigger: Hindered or defeated by corruption and/or incompetence

    (Principle) Human ingenuity is more powerful than any Incarna or magic.
    (Tie)(Loyalty and Security)The Solarium
    (Principle)The most important things are often those overlooked
    (Principle) Most people are too lazy to change their fate, and thus deserve it.
    (Tie)(Love) Flying!
    (Tie)(Hatred) Glorious Ivory Counter
    (Tie)(Nostalgia) Haslanti League
    (Tie)(Pride) My ship!
    (Tie)(Contempt) Corruption and incompetence

    Str 2, Dex 4, Sta 3
    Cha 3, Man 2, App 2
    Per 3, Int 4, Wits 4

    Craft (Supernal):
    Shipbuilding: 5,  Artifacts: 1, Machinery: 3  
    Integrity: 2
    Lore: 3
    Medicine: 1
    Occult: 2

    Sail: 5 (+2 flying)
    Archery: 5(+2 crossbows)
    Linguistics: 2
    Awareness: 3
    Survival : 2

    Dodge: 2
    Resistance: 2
    Socialize: 1

    Wise Arrow
    -Sight Without Eyes
    --Force Without Fire

    -Awareness- 3
    Sensory Acuity Prana
    -Keen Sight Technique

    Arete-shifting Prana
    -Sublime Transference
    Brass Scales Falling
    -Red Anvils Rising
    Craftsman Needs No Tools

    Salty Dog Method
    -Perfect Reckoning Technique
    --Ship-Claiming Stance
    Immortal Mariner's Advantage

    Ox-Body Technique (one -1, two -2)

    Artifact 3 (Bad Touch)
    4 Languages (Skytongue (native), Riverspeak, Seatongue, Old Realm, Low Realm)
    Resources 3

    Essence 1
    Personal: 13
    Peripheral:   (33 -  Attunement)
    Willpower: 7
    Limit 0/10
    Health Track:  -0, -1, -1, -1, -2, -2, -2, -2, -4, Inc

    Attack: Crossbow:  Attack  )10 Close, 16 Short, 14 Medium, 12 Long, 10 Extreme), Damage 16 (18 Close) Lethal, Piercing (can spend 1Init to ignore 4 soak), 1 action to reload
    Soak: 7

    Bonus Points (15)
    -2 Awareness 1 to 3: 13
    -1 Survival 1 to 2: 12
    -1 Occult 1 to 2: 11
    -1 Linguistics 1 to 2: 10
    -1 Archery 4 to 5: 9
    -1 Sail 4 to 5: 8
    -1 Craft (Shipbuilding) 4 to 5: 7
    -3 Craft (Machinery) 3: 4
    -4 Willpower 5 to 7: 0

    Bad Touch, Seige Crossbow: Acc  close,  short,  Medium,  long,  extreme (1 round Aiming to hit at all, 2 rounds .....Medium and farther, need magic to hit Extreme)
    Damage 16 (18 at Close).  Lethal damage, 1 action to reload, Piercing (Piercing attack costs 1 Initiative and ignores 4 points of Soak)
    Buff Jacket (+3 soak)
    Haslanti Glider ("The Albatross"): Speed:  Gliding +2, Wings +3, Wind +2 | Maneuverability: +1 | Hull: -4/Incapacitated | Cargo: 1 passenger or 200 pounds | Weapons: Modified mount allows pilot to steady a crossbow, firing it with Sail + Archery | avg 25 mph extended flight.  In Naval Combat, gliders start with 3 Momentum--but dropping to Momentum of 2 or less causes the glider to stall.  The pilot can pull out of the Stall with a Dexterity + Sail roll, difficulty of (3 - Momentum).  Each subsequent roll is one less difficulty as the vehicle picks up speed--but the craft will drop 100 feet per round.  Broadside attacks can be made by dropping grenades--oil, firedust, salt for undead, cold-iron shrapnel for fae, etc.

    Raphael D'vinchn, owner and proprieter of D'vinchn's Invinch'ns, flew over the frozen landscape, sharp eyes searching for the teltale signs of thermals.  The thermals weren't warm here, where skin couldn't be exposed more than few minutes, but neither was the rest of the air, and air that was still below freezing would still rise, letting him gain precious altitude.  He circled one, climbing as he slowed almost enough to stall the feathersteel and spidersilk glider.  This was too close to the Wyld--in fact, he'd actually crossed into the Bordermarches; this was too close to the middle-marches--but he was after the treasures that only the Wyld could create, and that's what his mind saw, when his eye spotted a small glimmer of light.  

    When he flew closer, he found a town...  more like a small fortress, build of stone.  It did not change in the shifting of the Wyld, and as he passed over it he felt a warmth, as if the Wyld was somehow being held at bay.  Here there would be something, he was sure--the kind of stuff that would turn his shop from a middling craftswork and clock shop into a true industry, and he went back to get the porters and mercs.

    The next two weeks were almost a delerium for Raphael.  He was right about  the treasure, in the sense that someone who says "that looks kinda hot" would be right about the center of a volcano.  A bigger store?  Hell, he could buy a city!  He could go down to the Realm's lands, hand out enough bribes to make himself a satrap, and try out some grand designs with roads and aqueducts and irrigation.  The stone in the middle of the fortress protected it, somehow, from the effects of the Wyld, and the porters were packing up everything they could on the sledges.  Hehad to pick out the most valuable and leave the others behind, in another few days they'd be back on the trail, and soon gliding over the ice into Tusk a very, very rich man.  

    Unfortunately, the Raksha weren't willing to give them days.  The first reports from the scouts noted an army massing in the distance.  Less than fifty, but more than enough to swamp his small force a few dozen times over.  They had repaired the one ballista, but they were going to need more than that to actually deal with the threat.  He looked around, then back at the distance.  He had perhaps an hour before they attacked, and either they fled, or they pulled off a miracle....  that's when the sunlight began to pour off of him.

    Wood and steel flew, the work of his bare hands replacing the hammer and axe--an as the explosion of sunlight grew larger, the frightened Raksha host approached.  

    Rather than charging a few mercs with cheap swords and porters with sticks, they met a hail of balls from more than a dozen ballistae before they were within a mile.  Beautiful horses of ice shattered, throwing their riders and spraying shards among the commoners, before they could even pick out targets, and when they got close enough the commander caught a crossbow bolt through the eye, and decided a glorious retreat would make a fine story.

    It was a subdued and pleased crowd that made their way back to Tusk, but everybody could use a drink, and the first thing he did was get blind, stinking drunk.
    He woke up in a cell.

    Glorious Ivory Counter was the local magistrate, and he informed Raphael that his property had been confiscated and he was a criminal of the anathema, a being that would be executed with the first light.  He spoke of Immaculate scripture and the trouble he would bring, but his eyes shone with avarice; the treasure Raphael had brought back would be a pleasant fortune for anyone.  Raphael cursed  and roared, shaking the bars of the cage he'd been put into, but the magistrate laughed at him...  until the bars parted as his touch, the metal reshaped into other things, and he locked his hands around the magistrate's throat.

    He was blessed  by the Unconquered Sun, but not with the abilities of a Dawn, and the guards made short work of him.  When Glorious Ivory Counter shoved him back into his cell, bleeding and twisted in agony, his left leg was still lying in the hall--a trophy, the magistrate called it, rubbing his throat--and Raphael burst into flame.

    When the flame subsided there was nobody left in the cell, and Glorious Ivory Counter knew triumph.  With no body behind, anything the Grandmothers heard about him finding an incredible resource and killing that resource through his own greed could be dismissed as rumors--and he had all that treasure to deal with!  

    When the prize piece, the crossbow that looked like a leaping mechanical gryphon, disappeared along with a prize feathersteel glider he worried--but not much.  He'd seen the man burst into flame and disappear, after all.

    Raph's first  task was to craft a wooden leg, one that he socketed into the glider so that it secured him better, but he wasn't up to flying for some time yet.  When he was, he went West, camping where he could slide his glider downhill to launch in the morning, riding the thermals across lice and land and eventually ocean.  Once he had to bribe an Elemental of Air to support him as he slept, and another time a friendly ship turned out to not be so friendly--it was only when a crossbow bolt  sent the captain overboard and out of sight that they decided he wouldn't make a good target after all.  Eventually, however, he reached the Denzik fleet, and offered his services to the Solarium as craftsman and scout.

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    Only two problems:

    Mind those ties and principles! Please label them and make sure you have a defining tie and a defining principle.

    Limit: Heart of Flint
    This is now defunct. Limit break depends on the situation and emotions involved. The trigger now is all you need on the sheet.

    Once these two issues are solved, you'll be approved!
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    Congratulations! You are now approved!

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