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    Character Creation Now Open!

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    Character Creation Now Open! Empty Character Creation Now Open!

    Post by Pattern Spider on Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:50 pm

    Character Creation is now open! Over the next few weeks, the staff will be working on getting characters sanctioned. The faster people post, the faster we will be able to open.

    There is, however no deadline date for applying!

    Because we are a live community, there will never be a closed door to players who wish to take part (with exceptions).

    Why exceptions? There's folks in the larger Exalted community and that we've come across who are basically That One Guy. The one who can't get along with people, the creeper, the cheater, the drama magnet and others.

    We don't want That One Guy here. Please don't be that one guy. Unless it's related to that game, I Wanna Be The Guy.

    Be the awesome guy!

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